See the question posed the most by Google

As of today, an innumerable amount of Google query people subject to an infinite number plus countless subjects in Enfin, which, of course, is not the case with Google Data. Thank you for this tool, internet applications are not desperate plus secret for us!

It turns out that – loin the most insensible to the love – the interns do not adjust the search engine to find the answers to the question which they have on the love ve With a big A!

« Comment do you want to be amoureux / se? »

Parmi the people who are not interested, on noting back the amber! Which, of course, does not constitute a great amorous matter, or force to be found when a question arises in their search!

Ετυμηγορία: the question that sets a record of searches on Google is not zero other than: « Comment do you want to be amoureux / se? »This fame requires an increase of 1 000% between April 2021 and April 2022. Oui, oui, vous avez bien lu: 1 000%!

The more or less google love

If this problem is the most common of all, the force is consistent with others knowing some of these successes more or less. « When you find love »(+ 310%),« Signs of a Russian rendezvous premiere »(+69%), or« Comment dire je t’aime »(+ 58%), en font indubitablement party!

For searches, re-dating sites specialize in your quote! The beams are not by Jamaican pattern as shown «HPI reconnaissance site»(Personnes à haut potentiel intellectuel) and«Tinder for the celebrities»In the bar of search! C’est donc à ça que μοιάζει με το l’amour au XXIe siècle!

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