Santé | Cancer of the lungs: the pain passing through the discharge

An inhabitant fatigue plus tenace that of distance. Laurent pass the exam. The result is the pain of a bronchial cancer at an advanced stage. L’annonce is like that“a tremble”. Αρχίστε alors for the longest of the longest “violent and different à Supporter “. À 65 years old, Laurent, of an optimistic nature, deploying a powerful rage of life. Aujourd’hui en sursis, ce “miracle «Comme il se surnomme, regret d’avoir

“Fumé pendant plus trenten ans. I’m an idiot who does not listen to prevention messages.” The head of thoracic surgery service at Saint-Joseph à Marseille Hospital, Iliès Bouabdallah is not surprised.“The women who operated on it all the time at the same time. “In his office, there is a door that also clicks in 3D on the patient’s pumice which will be operated on.

“On it, a fortune-telling course is revealed. In this disease, the prosthesis is left in the diagnostic stage. If the cancer is located only in the lung, on a note of 90% survival in 5 years. In revenge,. it is metastatic, survival is catastrophic, at least 10%. With 33,000 decoys (1.5 million in the world) for 46,000 new cases from France, pneumonia is one of the most frequent and most common. “This is equivalent to one Covid per annum,déplore the specialist. Tragedies that occur often in up to 80% of cases, such as smokers or smoke smokers that the tab is responsible for malnutrition


1,000 fumigants deposited

Checking for pneumonia cancers has given evidence of surgery. Also, since last February, the Haute Santoré Authority (HAS) has been working hard to find experiments in place to remove this cancer from the fumes, Dr. Bouabdallah accomplished oncopulmonary therapy. is not positioned to launch a program at Saint-Joseph’s Hospital. Turn left onto the rented screen.

“The screening unit is augmented by 15 à 60% of the number of potentially manageable patients. Προμηθευτές”. Hourly funding of € 200,000 from the Cancer Against League and the Saint-Joseph’s Hospital Foundation, the study addressing 50 to 80 year olds

“which smokes more than 15 packs / year. Ill be able to benefit from a well-dosed scanner, which is very irradient.” In this device, all persons (hospital patients, attendants, staff and outpatients) will be placed before candidates. To know if they are eligible, the babies will be installed at one of Saint-Joseph’s Hospital. 1 000 patients will receive a retinal suture to participate in the individual screening of individualized pneumonia, during six years, with a prescription scanner “Inside the program, you can use both hands. If you have a mammogram to detect your cancer. The main object being the target population population periodicity. ” It is then associated with a tabulation program that is proposed to patients by tabloids of the non-compulsory health establishment.

“At the smoke level of 50 years, the risk rate is 50%. After 60 years, the probability of declaring this maladid decreases by 15%.”

The World’s tabbed journal is organized within the world, as of May 31, 1987. It is targeted at the tabbed dancers for anti-slip and anti-tabloid action by the OMS.

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