Saint-Brieuc. Refusal to wear the mask: an explicit lawyer of the tribunal

For sale at the Saint-Brieuc tribunal, where an attorney without a mask can quote a public even though it does not impose more than the porter. © Illustration

March 17, coupon tonnerre au correctional court à Saint-Brieuc. An advocate recognizing and acknowledging insights into the barrier of the city is refusing to allow him to leave his profession and to defend his client as part ofhe refuses to carry a mask lors d’une audience.

You also have to cancel the debates to verify the text on which the lawyer is appearing, which is easy to do. S’ensuivra l ‘παραγόρευση de laisser plaider quiconque sans maskthe juge requires the intervention of the concrete worker to name in the office another lawyer as an officer.

Fronde des avocats;

A frond pours out to see the day, the gritty teeth and the inconspicuous black robes. In cause, the decree 2022-352 from 12 March 2022 modify the decree 2021-699 from 1eee June 2021 prescribing the general measures necessary for the operation of the sanitary crisis sorting; in other words the suppression of the mask port inwards in all structures supported by the public, the exclusion of common transports and installations.

The sign that there is a divergence point in the horizon as to how to interpret the decree on the lever of the mask.

Like in a hospital, we do not sleep in a closet, or in a passage. The government moves the port of the mask, but does not release it to use the bond. This is because we love it, because we know there is a recurrence of cases.

Laurent Sabatier, President of the tribunal judiciaire.

An interpretation question

Ses yeux, a policy of prudence is imposed. «All the time to make a counter-decision, which is applied on an application or circular design, which we do not have in common. In continuation, the masks remain available inside the judicial sites for the persons who are not present ”.

Visually there is a problem of interpretation. The advocated sanction is considered qu’il n’existe no subordination line between a tribunal and its attorneys, attorneys or all other persons outside the judiciary.

By way of consistency, a question arises: on what basis does the tribunal and the jurisdictional sites originally operate in a quality that is not one of the various uses used?

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More obligation in public services

En seine-et-Marne, où la ville de Meaux open one of the rafts of France to keep the port of the obligatory mask, Μμι Nathalie Baudin-Vervaecke, button of the lawyer’s order, declared: »If only they would cover the mask, even if they were books. More the loi doit s’appliquer, laii doit prévaloir. And it seems that this is not mandatory in public services ».

At the same time, one of its configurations will retract its masking area without any further incident of disclosure being declared.

Une atteinte à la liberté;

From the evidence, the division of the tribunal of Saint-Brieuc is a measure of preventive protection, nul ne le conteste, et l’initiative est à saluer comme il se doit. For authenticity, the notion of obligation preconceived within the jurisdictional court, which a wave of contact is percue as an atteinte à liberté, and in total contradiction with governing decisions.

The prefecture, in contact with this subject, is not allowed to attend parties, estimating that any problem will not be signaled.

Guy Lemaur

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