Safes without insurance: what recourses for victims;

Gaëtan, la trentaine, travaille dans la restauration. On July 15, 2018, the day of the FIFA World Cup final, the discus on a Paris sidewalk with its lorsquil friends is percussed by a scooter heater whose driver is not identified in the Jamaican greenhouse. Lorsqu’il tente de se relever, ses jambes ne le portent plus. The rupture of a tibial fracture and pumping conductor to Bichat Hospital in Paris (XVIIIe), which is operated on. It must be three times on a rotating handle and then follow a cycle of long semens in reduction. “J’ai dû reapprendre les choses simple de la vie: marcher et plier mon genou”, raconte-t-il.

Gaëtan n’a pas pu retrouver son entreprise avant cinq mois. «I made a mistake or I just left a couple of hours ago. J’aurais des douleurs toute ma vie à cause de ce chauffard », explique le jeune homme. Benefit from the Compulsory Deposits Guarantee Fund (FGAO) which is the only source for victims of perpetrators who present or who are not insured.

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This private interest body, funded by assurances, is the only possible solution to be identified in these cases. The perimeter of the silver receiver victim in case of physical damping and perfumes only when the parts are only material. If the author is identified, FGAO will return to you.

The FGAO can be accessed by the victim, an attorney or an assembler by filling out a form. «All of the following conditions to be completed for the dossier to be accepted, precisely by a lawyer. It is exemplified by the surviving accident in France, which involved a motorized land vehicle. The claimant must not be responsible for the accident. Mais le point important, c’est le délai. If the author is unaware that you are also part of the date of the incident to avoid FGAO. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for the victim to be the one to secure the fund against the date of a deal or a decision of the tribunal. »

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