Roland Garros: Rafael Nadal’s penetrations consider doping? Ορισμένα sportifs pointing to do Espagnol after it is pure

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Rafael Nadal avoids using anesthetic treatments to move (and transport) the Parisian tournaments, maligning the syndrome that touches his foot.

Question: “Do you inject as much as you can during the tournament?” Answer: “What is wrong with you!”

Scene captured by Olrad-Garros on June 5, at 7:30 p.m. Question posed by a journalist, after the Spanish champion was answered in a prom.

A pound of Aussie:
INTERVIEW. Rafael Nadal: “J’ai joué in extreme condition, with the foot anesthetized.” Comment on Espagnol and Roland-Garros’s double resistor

On the other hand Majorquin is touched by Müller-Weiss syndrome, a degenerative and incurable mal, which provokes double profits at the foot. Ainsi, pouvoir amfisitias victorieusement le tournoi parisien, Nadal a joué sous διεισδύσεις.

More than what parle-t-on exactly; Local injections of anesthetic and anti-inflammatory products, plus the addition of cortisone derivatives, corticosteroid type.

A pound of Aussie:
VIDEO. Roland-Garros: “Je vais me battre for essayer continuum” lance Rafael Nadal après son 14e titre porte d’Auteuil

“The heroes of the day …”

Dissonance: this is an extremely current practice in all high-level or high-speed sports, in order to temporarily maintain strong doubles. Practically all legal.

But some sports fans like Rafael Nadal’s’s ike. Au premier rang desquels: Thibaut Pinot, the champion Français de cyclisme. Le Franc-Comtois is an ironisé sur son compte Twitter. “The heroes of the day …” he wrote in a commentary on Nadal’s review on his infiltrations. Μήνυμα composed of two “smileys” who are always present in the two cyclists.

A pound of Aussie:
VIDEO. Roland-Garros: ανίκητος Rafael Nadal who conceded his 14th title to Casper Ruud (6-3, 6-3, 6-0)

Thibaut Pinot very quietly in position, these last years, against the use of corticosteroids. The MPCC Partner, the Movement for a Credible Cyclism, Association which bans all recursions of infiltrations during moments of competition: of the team, which obligatorily prescribes a minimum of 8 hours of workload and competition and a cortisol control “indicating notation on the MPCC chart.

A pound of Aussie:
Ο Rafael Nadal one of the places for buckets

The state of cycling, touched by doping and engraved doping engravings, is singular in the world of sport.

Whether on a tennis court or in football, infiltrations are not interdisciplinary.

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