Roland-Garros 2022 – Carlos Alcaraz after his elimination: “I sense that I have the level to win a Grand Chelem”

Soudainement, il a fait son gege. The test beam, rounds or rounds, which are programmed to gain, that is, the robot Carlos Alcaraz with a bug in demarcation. At 19 years old, for the first time in the final quarter, Espagnol is rented in its third match. It’s slow. Face to face with clients also serious about the authority of Alexander Zverev.

If the assembly is mounted and locked to the new level of the circuit in the input, it will be at the moment of joining its final quarter. “Which one I miss, this is my biggest debutat the same time as press conference. In the triathlon and in the quadrilateral set, it is commensurate with some that can not be suffixed. J’ai commencé trop tard“. The shock in the triceps set and the fury in the square on the ground pushing Germany towards a five-dimensional handle.

Roland Garros

Le Grand Chelem, c’est autre chose


Different from US Open, final

On the other hand, there is a difference between the one-minute production that takes place at these altitudes and the habituation of your six-dimensional sequences. “Lui, il a déjà joué a Grand Chelem final, a demi-final of Grand Chelem. Moi je n’ai pas encore le cuir assez tanné“, slipped into a hole. Even though, while reading the match, it was all about the experience, which you accidentally failed at 19 years old.

Déjà, I’m discovering where a Grand Chelem final quarter came fromat the time of estimation of the balance of the Parisian quince, stopped plus all that is thought of. J’aurais pu le découvrir à l’US Open mais j’étais blessé. Ici, whether it is completely different, whether it is joué, or the opportunities for battles and the opportunities for qualifying in the demi-final. At this level, you play against the best players in the world, who have to live with these sensations. Most importantly, it’s crooked, that’s living these moments, on this Grand Chelem tour genre“.

Mourad d’Auteuil: “Agassi, a mec with an incroyable look that aurait fait rouger Elton John”

Quantitative pressure on “favorite” status

At-il pu vivre a form of pressure on the pronostics which the bomber favors of this final quarter and candidate for the final victory; “I do not think that is my favorite during this matchat-il balayé avant to refresh on this status gaining excitement. What I do not like about the sensation that is my favorite is not what I think. Aujourd’hui, Zverev is a better complement to me“Reste une fierté chez lui, d’avoir eu’s impression de tout donner, même trop tard.”I quite the court and turn the high head», At-il ajouté.

However, the Alcaraz phenomenon does not occur on this quiesine, and it does not advance on the circuit, which is why the intimate conviction of a destination is limited. This deficit does not otherwise exceed this waiting time on the scooter. “Also the depths and levels for being able to gain capacity per match, at-il expliqué. Je ne vais pas dire l’inverse: je continue de sentir que je peux gagner un Grand Chelem, je sens que j’ai le niveau. Most matches are long and there are details that I did not understand. You will adjust and work on these small details that you will improve“. Alors, rendez-vous au prochain test. Pour le valider, cette fois-ci?

Roland Garros

Zverev, tel qu’on voudrait le voir tout le temps


Roland Garros

Loit: “J’ai envie qu’elle continue, on a besoin of stars and of great ladies like Serena Williams”


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