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Investors and expanders for front compare more easily return plans and assurance products are coming. Display. (Pxhere)

From Wednesday, June 1, investors can take advantage of the competition more easily than any other plan to return and get assurances. Distributors of these placements are desperate contraindications to appear on their site a standardized table referring to the assembly of fractions, for more transparency.

From Wednesday, June 1, insurance companies, banks and courtiers will be obliged to operate on their Internet site the assembly of fractions linked to their own or their insurance contracts. This information is also referenced in a standardized, reporting table

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. Parmi elles: the name of the society in question, the gross and net performance of the active, the translation phrase or encapsulating the total phrase.

This obligation requires an accord signed with Bercy in the last February to offer more transparency to clients. On a first-come, first-served basis the Financial Sector Advisory Committee (CCSF) shall publish a report on the basis of which it has been denounced by a declaration of part of the distributors, each having its own fault.

4.3 million of Français on a PER

Desormais, investors investing before making the competition comparable plus facilitating the different offers. A transparency that is effective in other domains such as habituation and auto insurance or enclosing real estate loans.


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, 4.3 milyon Français will be the destination of a PER until 2021 for a turnover of 48 billion euros. Insurance reaches its culmination 1 close to 1,900 billion euros of tours.


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