Relentless. At 133 km / h at Tesla in Sudan, the pedals do not respond more

This is a beautiful haircut to face this American, the April 7 game. If it is flying a Tesla model 3 on a Californian vehicle, the vehicle board coordinator is locked.

Plus control is not responding, neither the clutches nor the trigger bars, and the main screen will be off. Πλεί ανσυχοχο encore: the speed was blocked at 83 mph, at 133 km / h, and this caused several attempts of pressure on the brake pedal.

A brake brake

After several inflows, the brake pedal is occasionally re-operated but does not suffice to cut off the conductor. “I’m nervous about the idea that you’re going to brake at the bottom, you’re not pouring in to return the speed needed to increase circulation and control traffic. J’avais peur que quelqu’un me rentre dedans », at-il confiyé à ABC News.

The manhole is finally thinner, it is tighter on the emergency stop belt and coupled to the engine. Lorquel will be rescheduled for a few minutes or more, “all marked in normal novelty” but will always be preferred by the escort of a California Highway Patrol officer to quit out of order to retrieve your car .

«Believe in more explanations»

If Tesla has been assured of repairing the vehicle, the constructor does not contain a written report. Celui-ci αναφέρει το διαγνωτικό d ‘«une mauvaise communication caus l’rert du du conversion’s power conversion system protér ies protést rs bord pendant le trajet».

After this comment, the owner of the vehicle will not be able to reproduce in a similar pan. “I believe in more explanations,” he argued.

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