PSG Press Review: Campos, Mendes, Tchouaméni, Mbappé-FFF

You see the subject of PSG in the hexagonal press until June 1, 2022. Nuno Mendes is definitely a player of PSG, Real Madrid trying to enter into the talks for the Portuguese international, Luis Camposhaurut is out of On a special mission, Aurélien Tchouaméni heads to Real and plays the chord between Noël Le Graët and Kylian Mbappé’s entourage for the right-of-way in the French team.

In the day edition, The team review the officialization of the transfer Nuno Mendes. After a season in the near future of Sporting CPThe Portuguese from 19 years old have the option of getting it leveled and officially playing a game of PSG ce mardi. The lateral gauze bears a contract from 2026 with Rouge & Blue counter “A check for a total of € 35 million. » Face to back of Juan Bernat In competition, the Portuguese International is rapidly imposing itself as a headline in the rubber band of defense. «It’s the state of the show and its performances, whether or not it is perfumed with consistency, being part of the Parisian revelation. » Ainsi, the Parisian board is conjugated by the jewel and Nasser al-Khelaïfi, Leonardo et Mauricio Pochettino are one or two chords for definitive access. «Λε PSG attempting to lower the charge option at the inlet to the dossier Real Madridsans que l’on sache si le champion d’Europe voulait vraiment Mint or if you want to turn your Parisian rival into negotiations, start the Portuguese international club club’s restart farm on their demands »report L’E.

The sporty quotidie also provides information on the nominee Luis Campos in the organization chart of PSG. The Portuguese are not there à Doha to reconcile the president, Nasser al-Khelaïfi (present au Qatar after passing the semina) afin de discuter «The contours of its design mission, which are subject to all conditions not regulated. » Toujours Selon The team, Luis Campos do not occupy the role of sports director and aura a field of cible action. It concentrates essentially on «Recruitment and talent detection. It does not exist at least for example when it comes to the center of the formation. » Concerning the windows, the PSG to benefit from your expertiseAntero Enrique in this domain.

Starting other media, The team confirm itAurélien Tchouaméni se rapproche du Real Madrid. À la lutte avec le PSG in this case, the merengue club and dispenser 80M €, plus bonus, to attack the services of the terrain in Monaco. This transfer will be completed before the end of the seminar. Pourtant, le PSG the hope of making a balance in your favor with the idea of Kylian Mbappéit is in vain. «Lancène Bordelais did not send a signal to the Jamaicans encouraging the Champions of France, who are not all over the place. » Without wishing to play Rouge & Bleu, the Parisian conductors did not negotiate with ASM. Ainsi, the club of Rocher «I do not have to use this Internet to install the anchors. » Interestingly interested, Liverpool I do not have a refund charge the charge can be defective Champions League.

Enfin, the sporty quotidien report that the president of la FFF, Noël Le Graëtto check that mardi’s entry Kylian Mbappé (more Faiza Lamariambassador Delphine Ferhaidenet cinq autres conseillers) χύστε «Apply the situation around the images in the image the Team of France. » In conflict with la FFF since its number, the number 10 of Bleus will adjust this situation. The note is not only refracted from participating in recent operations. Ainsi, a rendezvous you between the patron of French football and the representatives of the game and where he dies, in the middle of the FFF, «In a climate« εγάρδια και courtois »d’après les party. » The idea of ​​revoking the sign convention (as of 2010) by all interns at the time of their arrival Team of France «Will be present and all four, to be in phase with the evolutions of the sector. »

However, a common communication must take place in the middle-east, at least «The two parties are not finally fully tuned to the terms after selection»exact The team. However, the screws between the two parties must be tight, as specified Noël Le Graët : “The state of expectation is very constructive. Airplanes are effectively assembled into one unit at each point. The text that was finally proposed to me by Kylian’s councils is a cold one. This convention does not conclude that Kylian should be one of the players the team of France. We do not have more than one partner who wants to buy silver (…) It’s something that Kylian does not demand in Jamaica plus silver for you. It does not have a position of force of its part on the volatile financier. On and take our time to get things done »to declare himself president of the FFF.

Last son, Le Parisien review on the definite transfer of Nuno Mendes (19th c.). After a price of 7M €, the PSG 38m € debited to give the option of access to more than Sporting CP. The good performance of the Portuguese is rapidly convincing the Parisian conductors. If this mounts excess sample for suras, the lateral angle of PSG, Jimmy Algerinois that the price is coherent in relation to the march: «This is the pay-as-you-go, but it is intended for lateral, which can not be used before. However, it is coherent in relation to the march, all of which is dismantled and which has the potential to be pressed. It is said that this is the most accurate way to report in relation to its level and the height of the three jewels in this post. » Desormais, the Portuguese international will confirm its potential only in its two seasons, like the rapeseed Jimmy Algerino : «This is a different event to confirm the second season. Sans oublier qu’il doit progresser, defensivement, surleplace. This is where the water of the stream comes from, it is interesting to mumble on a game for which parts to try and get indiscriminate at this post. »

Le quotidien francilien επιβεβαιώνει το également qu ‘Aurélien Tchouaméni se dirige vers le Real Madrid. All that PSG priority is given to enforcing its own terrain, the 22-year-old French carrier pursuing his career in Spain. Le club merengue et in Monaco are trying to find a chord after the discussion sessions. «Operation devrait aboutir in all the current processes, according to a source close to the dossier. Peut-être même dès ce mercredi. » Transfer amount upon transfer up to € 100M, purchase bonus.

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