PSG: Ο Messi lucide et confiant aprs sa premire saison – Ποδόφαίρο

Before the first season with Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi remains comfortable. Attacking silver pens counts the rails of its tubes. It is not capable of reversing the situation while exercising.

Lionel Messi pense amliorer son rendition la seison prochaine.

With 11 buts and 14 passes dcisives all confusing configurations, beaucoup auraient termin la saison satisfait. Which is more than just a club change.

Even Lionel Messi is not importing what statistics, if any, for a level playing field, does not suffice to mask the power of his promises.

Another style of play

Unfortunately, up to 34 people do not have a cache. In the company TyC Sports accord, Argentina admet une different season in Paris Saint-Germain. But there are also attunuating circuits.

Messi rappelle notamment that son dpart de Barcelona tait inattendu et non dsir. What facilitates adaptation. I have to adapt to a way of playing, because I’m surprised that all of it comes from another way, not to defend the Blaugrana industry. I arrive at a newcomer or a newcomer, playing football in a different way, with newcomers …

The action of covid-19

In Barcelona, ​​I love the co-owners with whom I have long been very fast, even if I know it by heart. This is all new for me, at-il insist. In addition, I have been working hard for a long time, so I have to wait for a moment when I get a moment and I do not have an enchaner. Puis Messi in the positive test of Covid-19. And so that the squats at the level of the pumps are handicapped at high speed.

Je ne pouvais pas m’entraner, at-il racont. Je n’ai mme pas pu courir μενταγιόν un mois et demi. All these parameters occur in part to explain their insufficient performance. This is why the Balloon d’Or set is optimally mounted for the design season. I think it can reverse the situation, I do not rest with the late sensation of changing club and that I do not have Russian an international Argentine.

Son optimismepur la saison prochaine

Je sais que la saison prochaine sera diffrente, at-il prdit. You are the one who prepares to arrive, you know the club and the city, you are the one who adapts the most in the dressing room, among the coaches and you are the one who differs. The sequence, the adaptation mane and the mal-tre in the capital are not present plus the volatile motifs for Messi, enclosing a more or less present in rotation.

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