Program TV. Succeeding in Portuguese cuisine in France: Attention to industrial derivatives

The Portuguese cuisine is based in Hexagon, marked by the 1.5 million Portuguese people who live in France. Le porto, les pasta de nata, the sardines, the mortar in a salivary font plus one. France is one of the two largest consumers of Portuguese products, based in Brazil.

May 31 at 9pm, France 5 of us take a break from this traditional cuisine. And we do not have to guard over the risks of authenticity posed by this «γαστρονομική τάση».

La morue en perdition

In the journey all the way to the north of Portugal, in the Minho region, to the search for the best Portuguese water, the national plate. In the village of Povoa de Lanhoso, a restaurateur delivers his secrets: a corpse left over 13 months in the cell, car «more mature, more savory, more inclusive», can be saved in 48 hours froide. Elle enjoys a vintaine of minutes from the traditional booze before it is tasted.

If this test is successful, it is rare to find dead ends for which it has been observed. Industrialization is a cause of disaster.

However, the blade on the blade (the blade is not further than the blade itself and cut) lasts six months. The speed at which Canadian water travels. The footsteps lay on a small barge, having to remove the poise on the bathtub, which it takes up space and sews in place before being framed in Portugal.

Retaining, the poisson is fastened to the thread and the poisson is clustered around the ship. One of Portugal, it is decongested and saloon. A method that uses more than one customer at a point of your financing, but which can also be very small for your health. In large surfaces placed on large surfaces in France, the number of additives are added. According to the European Food Safety Agency, these are susceptible to the cause of cardiovascular disease.

The secret recipe of the night pastes

The celebrities pasta de nata There is another Portuguese culinary tradition known to you. These small flanks are produced in a usher in Lisbon, near the monastery of the Hieronymites. This recipe, inherited from the coins, is tense secret.

However, you will not be able to remove any of them that are present in the plumage of ζαχαροπλαστεία γαλλικά. If the potties do not show up at the end of the masonry, they will not be realized in reality. 95% and pasta de nata located in France seraient en fait de la patisserie industrialelle. Comment reconnaître des pastes industries; They are very yellow in color, their foal is small and they have a very sweet taste.

Only means of unloading at the same time. Thanks to Jacinta Coevoet, a French-Portuguese woman who lives in Lille and who has a handful of Portuguese recipes made by mother, France 5 is provided to process the recipe. To find out, find out what the output looks like … An indication? “Portuguese cuisine is full of very simple dishes”, says Jacinta.

“Portuguese Cuisine: Pasteis or Pastiches”, this 31 May 2022 on France 5, à 21h.

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