Processes Johnny Depp: who is Camille Vasquez, advocating for the actor who misses Amber Heard’s filming;

In the process of aiming for a new novel with its ex-Amber Heard character, Johnny Depp is defended by a bachelor’s advocate who passes a moving moment to the atrium that is counter-intrusive at the moment. The point is that the name of Camille Vasquez is desolate on all the books …

Jusqu’ici, the Hollywood stars create a single name in the head to get their affair of divorce and to feel their sentimentality, celui de Laura Wasser. Surnommée the Dissot Queen (la Reine des separations, ndlr) this last is a verifiable star of the barrier. Elle ainsi défendu Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Britney Spears, Ben Affleck and bien sur Kim Kardashian… Selon Bloomberg, The lawyer’s 52 and invoiced 850 dollars (702 euros) from the hour, and earned a fortune of 25,000 dollars. The petitions will be worth at least $ 10 million on their account, but they will be cut into other ports. However, a young lawyer who advocates for the child, whose name is, will kill you, actually on all the books. Camille Vasquez is the world of Johnny Depp in the process that aims to’s ex-wife Amber Heard’s lakelle the advertisement 50 million dollars with defamation.

After all days, the young lawyer kicks in with a little bit of a counter-interlocking corset, the defense of the star d ‘Aquaman. On May 16, it was against the comedy to recognize what was going on under the burden of processes that only take place in London. L’actrice avait alors verifies the reverse completion of l’indemnité reçue de Johnny Depp à deux Associations, dont la ACLU, “to fight against violence against women”, an affirmative statement according to the general counsel of the association for which the promise at last has not been translated into totality. All that the cell does not act as one of the principal persons of this media process;

Very close to Johnny Depp

Camille Vasquez 37gée’s 37 from the University of California’s University degree program at Southwestern Law School in 2010, at a time traveling from one cabinet to Los Angeles. It is the de facto association with Brown Rudnick, the firm that currently defends itself, in the processes of Johnny Depp’s interests. Specialized in “advice on media strategy during periods of high pressure” it has also been compensated in 2021 by the price “Ones to Watch: The Best Lawyers in America”.

However, the cell in the praetorium is not the only source of interest that is present. Proximity between the lawyer and his client is beyond the scope. On Twitter or YouTube, some internautes are unconvincing qu’il se trame quelque επίλεξε το entre la star et son avocate. All that is involved and relevant are the sequences in which the female body and the comedy ignite complicated objects or gestures tending to the cameras of the tribunal. TMZbe assured that you will not be able to enter into it: “Related sources to Camille Vasquez assured that it is not more than a fan of social networks“. A proxy advocacy process also affirmed by the American media that “All members of Johnny Depp’s legal team are working. From the semaphores, they both create a professional relationship and a friendship. ” The fans, too, follow your voice.

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