Process 36: the attorneys of the police officers acquitted without knowing the competition

Heyas the acquisition of two police officers took place during the day of the “36 quays of the Orpheus”, a centenarian of feminist militants signaled a tribune entitled “France, land of the work of the innovative violet;”, a “negation” , according to a communication sent to the AFP.

The verdict was “rendered after the name of Peuple Français” and “intended for all”, on quote the four lawyers of the police, Anne-Laure Compoint, Pauline Baudu-Armand, Thierry Herzog and Pascal-Pierre Garbarini.

The “open letter” published mardi by Le Parisien, notably signed by journalist Alice Coffin, the Austrian by BD Penelope Bagieu, the lawyer Caroline Mecary, the deputation of LFI Clementine the Autain and the names of the collections, “all of them , Emily Spanton, et qu’elle n’a pas “été protégée”. “When you get a process (for violin, ndlr), you end up with + menteuse +, + nymphomane +, coupable”, επιβεβαιώστε le texte.

The two innocent police officers, Nicolas Redouane and Antoine Quirin, were found to have benefited from a non-lieutenant before being deported before the Paris and condominium assaults on September 2019 in prison. by the Val-de-Marne asset course.

The motive for the decision was appealed by the “numberless incertitudes, uncircumcised” several “mensongs” of the Canadian tourist, who accused the two police officers of the violin scene from one of the Parisian polling stations, April 2014.

“We do not refer to the fact that the signals” from the tribune “do not agree with the dossier and do not have the advantage of assisting the debates (…) which interfere with the well-funded content of this controversy”, the councils of the two police officers.

Solidarity by AFP, the general classification of the Cassation Course indicated that the demands in the interest of the acquisition right have been deposited and which have been deposited “”.

This resource is based on the existence of an eventual problem of legality, the procedure being accompanied by the processes of motivation of the verdict, but it is not in nature to annul the exclusion of the acquisition.

Mardi, Sophie Obadia, one of the plaintiff advocates, declares to the AFP to avoid the formulation of such records as the plaintiff being questioned on the question of “toxicological vulnerability”, the plaintiff being deposited.

In contrast, police advocates who do not intend to “tolerate this affair, due to their mediation, being instrumentalized, while maintaining the established and reconciled ignorance” of their clients.

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