Proceedings for two lawyers advocated to obtain a fine for acquitting a drug dealer

Between Joseph Cohen-Sabban and Xavier Nogueras, they recently used a document to acquit their client Robert Dawes, also in 2018, to avoid importing 1.3 tons of cocaine into France. Document provided by access.

Two protégés, lawyers Joseph Cohen-Sabban and Xavier Nogueras, compared to the Paris correctional tribunal, recently announced to produce a series of assists in 2018 for the incumbent, Roberto innocenter.

In order of date, three Parisian instructors shall proceed in the process of these two advocates for “complication of attempted expropriation” and for “violation of professional secrecy”. I have a definition that does not improve the relations between consultants between lawyers and magistrates.

Faux paper

The debut of the asset assault process in December 2018 in Paris by Robert Dawes, accused of importing 1.3 tonnes of cocaine in 2013 on board an Air France flight from Caracas to Paris, is already being evaluated to EUR 50 million. The opening of the debates, the avocados aviant produces a suppressed Spanish order presenting as illegally a capital phone call for the category, and amending several transfers that exist as recurring elements from conversations.

“Why aren’t you in the dossier?”, Exclaimed Joseph Cohen-Sabban, as the document in question indicated that the sonorization in Robert Robert Dawes acknowledged that the drug the apparatus aurait had been realized as a smoker.

With the confessions of Xavier Nogueras and Hugues Vigier, the lawyer plots the procedure and advertises the procedure as well as supplementing information on the authenticity of the documents. As long as these business plans are retaliated against them: in any day, the course of writing these documents and those qualified as “faucets”. The trafficking was conducted at two-fifths with criminal involvement, and judicial information is open in March 2019 on these faucet supplements.

Document “Renforcer le crédit”.

In the case of three-way presses, the Aude Buresi instruction jumper, first placed in this case, is connected in the order that “the dossier element does not allow to be fixed with water-cooled” cited in “and notably Xavier Nogueras or Joseph Cohen-Sabban, provided that the documents presented were free of charge.”

However, these two derivations are “accepted acceptance of resonance to indespendence independent of the exertion of their function beyond the delusional projects and strategies employed by Robert Dawes”. For this reason, you should not follow only “professional maneuvers”, but the verifications of both lawyers on the authenticity of what qualifies as “miraculous pieces (…)” will also be avoided for an exclusive “d ‘ in “reproducing the credit” after the Paris asset course.

On the subject of Me Cohen-Sabban, “the assembly of judicial information demonstrated (voluntarily) associating itself with the maneuvers of its client”, wrote down.

“Comment can be received up to 45 years of professional sprays, plus from 1,000 flatbeds before asset streams, to be presented in order to avoid the complexity of the elements being total elements or by means of means de le démontrer que l ‘excès affirmations de cette ordonnance me laisse de marbre », a réagi Me Cohen-Sabban, ιδικός στην υποθέσεις του μεγάλου banditisme.

“We are not afraid that Me Xavier Nogueras will not take part in the complexity of trying to get drunk at the same time and that he will not play the violin again,” he said.

Concerning Robert Dawes and his son-in-law Evan Hughes, he instructed them to leave in the process of “attempting to evacuate at home” but also for “fault in public writing”, a qualification that the parquet ‘had’ continued. According to Hordes, the narcotics, narcotics trafficking “imagined the faults and the realized” by the idea of ​​”tiers” which does not contain the object of “solid assumptions”.

Contact, advocate of the premiere Me Thomas Bidnic “reserve your comments for the tribunal”. Antoine Beauquier, second lawyer, did not ask for comment. Trois autres avocats, parmi lesquels Me Hugues Vigier, ne feront pas l’objet de poursuites.

One other procedure in Nanterre

Definitely condescending, Robert Dawes exerts vigor to dynamite the procedure to the origin of the pours: he took the design on a junta of a Nanterre jug to inquire about the laundry-summer veggies of his 2013 process in September Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Airport.

In his view, François Thierry, the patron saint of “stups”, whose controversial survey techniques, in particular the acquisition of “indications”, were valued several times in the exam.

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