Pranzo, the “virtual cuisine” of Pizza Cozy

This is definitely the first time that the Pizza Cozy network, installed in Loire à La Talaudière, has a launch idea for its virtual cooking concept. «The number of delivery controls literally exploding, detail the group that will be 10 years old in 2021. To allow for franchise differences on delivery platforms, we have to work on a virtual brand project available on the UberEats platform. No tables, no chains and no point of physical space, this dark kitchen offers them a great opportunity to develop their own figures ».

Place the pizza on the napoleon portfolio (a square pizza folded with a mortar base, mozzarella or truffle crust; Ndlr). The core business is that this diversification requires complementarity between 5 and 7% of the CA of the 21 franchises that the distributor (not four in the Loire), and the number of new customers. Other portfolio pizzas, tasting rolls or classic pizzas, salads, tiramisu mason’s or Bacciolata, a dessert made from pies to pizza, pate’s tartiner, sugar cane map.

The pizza group Pizza Cozy (26, 4 M € de CA το 2021) which counts as seignees in the Lyonnaise region in the last quarter of Vaise after 4 May and one in Grenoble, announces the attainment of France ‘until 2023.

Noémie Coquet

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