Pole Employ recruiting a kitchen set (H / F)

Post description:
You work in collaboration with the chef.
The sagit of one planned restoration, cooking kitchen, season, 100% use of pain or dessert.
The restaurant offers around 20 service beds and offers an air-conditioned menu, a tasting menu as well as a seasoned truffle menu.

Voter profile:
– You will be passionate about gastronomy, you will enjoy cooking and cooking.
– You are motivated (e), curious (se) and voluntary.
– You want to integrate a humane kitchen with artisanal cuisine and it is possible to apply new levels to all the dishes, thanks to a card that evolves locally defrauded grease.

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Information practices:
You can work continuously, judging from 15h to 23h to access your services.
Mensuel salad to negotiate according to the profile from 1850 à 2000 € in 12 months + Mutuelle + Restoration
This determined contract of 6 months is evolutionary. Interested (s);
Do not hesitate to send us your CV!
For postage, your agency reports Pôle Emploi with reference to the following offer: 132 BNGB

O’Rabasse Restaurant
Address: 5 Place de la pompe, 84600 Richerenches
Phone: 09 52 97 34 93

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