Play Store: Google suppresses English Movies and TV and invites users to the Google TV app

Come Google the announcement and all in the online, Movies and TV starts at the Play Store. Users are still invited to go to the Google TV app to access or watch movies, series and documentaries, which can be unannounced.

The Mountain View company has made several changes to its Play Store since then. If the design remains the same, the functionality changes progressively. Google launches security tabs for users using a track record of all data collected by applications and manners in developing developers.

And then, this is a new change that can be operated on the firm’s application store. In effect, L’onglet Films et TV starts at disparaître du Play Store Sur les Android smartphones and tablets, the change that Google will announce in March.

Google sees more users on Google TV

Ορισμένοι ντετέντεορ για smartphone smartphones Android ont déjà remarqué que longlet Films et TV qezn48ên από το Play Store, pour ne laisser place qu’aux onglets Jeux, Applis et Livres.

The movie and TV app distribution does not show directly that Android users do not have more or less video content. But for the whole, even if it turns out to be through the application Google TV that the californian giant could be more than a meter ahead. Some use the awkward change that allows them to download all types of content from a single and even platform.

A new onglet «Offres»;

L’onglet starts at the Play Store on smartphones and tablets available in the Desktop version, du moins pour le moment. The suppression of the paralysis completes what is most common. The question that remains to be answered is how many movies and TV shows are replicated by another project.

play store onglet play pass

Credits: 9 to 5 Google

Once upon a time, if Google ignored the location by someone else, or by the company launching the space vacant but also like the Google 9to5 report, a quadrilateral called “Play Pass” pourrait bientôt faire son arrivée.

The subscription that Google proposes to its app store, which allows users to profit from exclusive premium content. This new song will most likely appear “Offers” and repertoire, as well as the index, offers and promotions of the moment on the Play Store.

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