Philippe Etchebest confie son pire ατύχημα in kitchen that takes you to the hospital

On the YouTube channel, star chef and animator Philippe Etchebest realized the recipes in the company of Tibo InShape and Juju Fitcats. The profit to reveal which is more greasy than cooking. A sacrificial vessel, which leads directly to the hospital.

The suite is under publicity

Philippe Etchebest there is no genre u reculer face à un defi. In view, it is a related celui fixé par le Youtubeur Tibo InShape. On May 22, I was invited to the jury of the Top Chef show and other French artists from Toulouse. But this one; Reproduce soils that are fixed to both pumps and abdominals, but also add a large amount of savoir-faire to save food supplies for regulatory consumption. All of them provide some sort of tutorial for refining air as well as drinking water. Be sure to check out the Michelin Guide with our restaurant La Maison Nouvelle for a few minutes to satisfy your fringe papers, which are part of your complimentary combination of duets. video.

Philippe Etchebest branded by son “pire bobo” in the kitchen

In retaliation, Tibo InShape can only play around with all the questions asked by Philippe Etchebest. It should not be taken lightly so that it can reach the kitchen properly. Choose que l’intereste confirmation. Outside the different burners, which are classic in restoration, the 55-year-old celebrity was able to get the most out of her career. “Le pire bobo que j’ai eu, je prepares a poisson soup.explique-t-il.

The suite is under publicity

“Je faisis un empoisonnement du sang”

But the story is not restless à this simple moment is deaggliable. Things to try after most days, such as running out of suite: “When I go to a seminar, I’ll always be there. I’m cooking in the kitchen, I’m going to eat something like that. si ça va, je lui dis “Non, non ça va pas”. Et puis je lui montre mon bras. J’avais toute une chaine de ganglions le long du bras “. By the way, Philippe Etchebest received the only salvator order in the circumscribed pairs. End up: “I m’a regardé, il m’a dit:” Là, tu vas vite à l’hôpital. Stay tuned!.

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