“Papa, I cried that I marched on the corpses”

The plaids of civil party advocates are by topic. Parmi the plaidoiries the most markers of this lundi, the cells of advocacy on love and children, the 69 orphelins of 13-November.

Frédéric Giffard wins part of civil party advocates who died on May 30 © Radio France / Valentin Pasquier

“Viens, suis-moi, je te tiens, ferme les yeux, surtout ne regarde pas, t’inquiète pas, tu vas t’en sortir», commce Me Frédérique Giffard, of a little émue, the red joues. Advocate for plain civil parties for amulets, «Il y avait des tas d ‘amoureux ce 13-Novembre». Il ya eu ce soir-là «Des tonnes de je t’aime». Des “Je t’aime, tu es la femme de ma vie, tu es l’homme de ma vie”. And the lawyer begin to raise the names of couples, buried side by side under the bullets of terrorists. Lamia and Romain, Priscilla and Manu, or Marie-Aimée and Thierry. Puis Me Giffard parle des couples stands out nonetheless. «Parfois, whosoever is dead, protégé whosoever is alive», rappelle-t-elle.

The others survived the ensemble. I y avait ce soir-là maries couples, remires couples, homosexual couples. et “secret amurs, rendezvous premieres, probable marriages, probable remarriages, on infants”, dit Frédérique Giffard. Elle décrit l’après, sans l’autre qu’on aime, ou ave l’tr’s cabossé, blessures ορατά ή αόρατα. And do not import against the accusers who do not expect to be recalled with the death of the martyred terrorists in the name of Daech, “grotesque mort”. Elle se turne vers le box, fixat quatrze accusen presente, and laisse se place à sa conssoeur Helena Christidis.

The plaidoirs for the 69 orphans of 13-November

“Deux syllabes que 69 enfants ne prononceront plus jamais”, commence Me Christidis d’une toute petite voix. «47 ne diront plus jamais Papa, 20 ne diront plus jamais Maman, et deux ne diront plus jamais ni Maman, ni Papa». Advocate the number of names: Iris, Hector, Mathilde, Emilie, Micha, Tamia, Kevin, Sami, Elsa and others. This quote also contains Gary, 9 years old, and his petite Thelma, who stays in the womb for more than a dozen attacks. Gary, November 2015, in the suite “fait list of choses which do not fail plus with son”, ce père que Thelma n’a pas connu. Me Christidis by another baby, not even after the 13th of November: Gabriel.

Most young people are only six years old. All of these children are from November 13th. Advocate the hard, see the impossibility of “To be reminded of the scent of a father, of the heat of a mother, to be remembered of a little.” Elle describes the ravages of the attitudes for the infants θύματα, the orphans and others who are about to rent to the house a parent of the most changed ones in Jamaica by the so-called atrocities. “Being a victim of terrorism, that is, one and the same, without a pen which can cause death. This is the drawing of the drawings of your parents with sad and apex visages, plethora of stubbornness. It is iconic. “Metrre du miel dans le cheveux du mechant parce que ça colle. C’est Charlie et cette pirstquidienne: tu rentres bien ce soir papa;”

With Christidis racing these children that their copains do not contain. These children who are perfumed entendus dire: “What’s going to be six months since your father died, no matter where you come from;” Perfume children very young and active in anxiolytics. Advocate for touring as well as accusations, save: “The accused messengers, who also contributed to these masses. 69 orphans and centaurs of surviving infants, marked for life, have grown into adults.” Elle parles also by petit Eliott, part of the Eagles of Death Metal concert with its two brothers and rented in the house with only one of the two.

And in your humidity, advocate desolation also for “All these children in the camps of the Islamic State”, children who have been named by their parents while rejoining Daech, and who are deformed by the barbarians in the camps of Syrian Kurdistan. Infants for which multiple θ early of these processes are clearly engaged, demanding à Emmanuel Macron of the rapists. Arthur Dénouveaux, retailer of Bataclan, president of Life For Paris, and Philippe Duperron, president of 13Onze15, are being published expressly for the humane treatment of these jihadist infants, and these jihadist infants, and so on. The term quoting the pronouns of several children appearing. «Messengers accused, their children are not required to be neutral in that world in that world that you have with the ground»conclut-elle.

“This boulevard has been shot in defense”

Me Léa Capiaux plaide pour Milan, qui le soir du 13 Νοεμβρίου 2015 au Bataclan, a dit à son père: “Papa, you are the one who marched on the corpses.” Incomplete words, and more for a child. Milan has 10 guests. “At 10 years old, he did not know what the first premieres were, and he was attending the Milan premiere concert. All of them survived, both recirculated during one hour and at the back of a coil, through the door of the toilets where the apparatus was openly refracted from their opening. Ce soir-là, Milan “aurait dû decouvrir la musike, il a décover de terreur, la peur de voir son père mourir”, souligne son avocate. Elle concludes: “This bouquet is boulevard son of a child. It is boulevard in Jamaica.”

This is Samy’s advocate, who approaches the bar, to color the plaids on the infant. Samy, who was 13 years old when his mother, Marie-Aimée, was assassinated by terrorists on the terrace of La Belle Equipe. Samy is rested “debut” shed “to construct and not to be the only victim of assassinations”, explique Me Valérie Harif. Samy qui a du se construire “An armature to continue inserting the other pronouns of the Maman mot”. Samy that as other than that: “Je ne serai plus jamais le même”. Samy qui “ne peut comprendre cette mort qui n’a pas de sens”, dit-elle. Elle parle du “Deep despair” of the young man, desormais âgé of 19 years.

Face to face, as many as two meters from the box of accusations, advocates say that Samy is “for instant server access”. And if you do not want to use this job for every day “on the terrace with its mother”. On a bench in the auditorium, Samy pleats on the floor of a large, well-drained, well-drained room. Puis il sort, en larmes. Moment of a sad ending on the 129th day of this process of November 13th. Mark marked also by this phrase retains fois repeats: “Vous n’aurez pas ma haine ». These words, which Antoine Leiris uses to address the address of the terrorists, which he immediately avoids after the death of his wife Hélène Muyal-Leiris, his wife, the mother of their daughter, Melvil. “Vous n’aurez pas ma haine”, text having given a book, and a phrase associated with November 13, as “Je suis Charlie” was associated in January 2015.

On November 13, 2015, Melvil was a 17-month-old baby. When so, the child advocate and son-in-law are removed, Melvil perdu “Une mère si belle, si tendre, dont les baisers guerissent les chagrins”. Mais malgré les accusés,“Hélène-Luna Muyal-Leiris laissé derrière elle une lumiere: la lune, son 2e prenom, qui éclaire”. The moon that is “an astre, the brightest light before seeing the day” conclude, citant Antoine Leiris.

The replay process takes place at 12:30, with other plaidoirs of civil party lawyers.

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