Other women: Avignon advocates for free consultations

In the wake of the international journal of women’s rights, the Avignon Bar Association advocates for free consultations on women’s rights. These open consultations to women are accessible on three sites: the Palace of Justice and the two campuses of Avignon University. “All the themes, all the preconceptions that are of interest to women and young women can be aboriginal, which are the violence, the excuse, the social aspect of the right of the work, the right of the family”detail the concrete of the order of Avignon’s lawyers, Jean-Maxime Courbet, invited by France Bleu Vaucluse mardi matin.

“The access to the right is equal to all and over again in 1946, but it does not go beyond that to enclose the house in such a way that it is equal to the practical plan, to the salar plan, to the professional plan, with “Salary splits used by example”reports Jean-Maxime Courbet. “The Avignon barrier is mobilized to justify more than a dozen young women, noticing that they can convey their rights and value their claims.”poursuit-il.

Les consultation in contrast ce mardi between 9h and 17h at the Palace of Justice in Avignon and on the two campuses of the university: Hannah Arendt and Jean-Henri Fabre for lyceums and students.

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