Open the door of your Tesla open and close it with a bus!

Captured in Royaume-Uni, this video shows an impression between a Tesla Model X and a bus. If you want to see more, do not search for it to find a fault.

Avoir of porters papillons that are sympathetic, but the pens for the drawers before cutting the route. Malheureusement ici, the conductor of this Tesla Model X oublié ce léger datail et ça risque bien de lui cooutter tres cher.

Car oui, in department, the right door is left levee. Outcome, your Model X will take more space on the chassis. However, the motorist in question is not reduced. This is the only part of the world that needs to be commented on.

And without surprise, they do not turn all around! Effectively, the porter is attached to the breaker of a bus passing by

From material materials

I have not been blessed to declare this case, la Tesla, elle, en a pris un coupon enorme. Logic nous direz-vous. Well, the door that passed through it was completely dismantled at the bus stop. When it comes down to it, the keys are not tropically important if they are not on the cutting edge.

It is a crazy stupid and basically available but those who want to drive some cars are mostly in the air when they can close a door and leave without having to count!

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