On diagnosing a rheumatism … Elle and in reality a cancer

Alerted by a wholesaler inhabiting its course, a 28-year-old woman has been diagnosed after being diagnosed by a doctor. In fact, it’s a little too big grave

What diagnostic aurait aurait pu lui coûter la vie. A 28-year-old British woman has been able to find what she accepted as a response to the Daily Mail. All in late March when it is approached by a boss on its back. Alerted by this inhabited wholesaler, it is implied by the verifier fault. Finally more than a handful. At the hospital, doctors confirm that what can be avoided is caused by rheumatism.

Only volatile: the boss is more or less imposing at the end of the week. Contraceptively, the needle is also controlled for a second time, with one or more layers, a biopsy with an IRM, and a tomodensitometry. And the results were without appeal. It must be confirmed that it is caused by a stage 2 lymphoma, a cancer of the spine that develops in the lymphatic system and propagates throughout the body.

VIDEO – Carnet de Santé – Dr. Christian Rekia: “And top cancer, the combination of the two sexes, love and writing”

“Je pleurais”

“I’m pleated with you, but even if you do not treat it with chemotherapy. at-elle raconté.

For rappelling, around 2,000 people were diagnosed as many as in France and 8,500 in the United States. Hodgkin’s lymphoma can develop up to all the lesions, mainly those aged 20 to 40 years, as well as all age groups of more than 75 years. All three quarters of maladie-clad individuals are less than 10 years old.

The symptom of overcurrent is an indole gonflammation of a lymphatic ganglion, generally at the level of the lungs, cells, or airway. A number of poisons, nocturnal sources, a persistent flow are also signs of malignancy.

VIDEO – Carnet de Santé – Dr Christian Recchia: “On ne guérit jamais d’un cancer, on vit avec”

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