not selecting SCI to maximize your assurance

With the exception of civilian real estate companies in a number of insurance contracts, investors find an alternative to renting out euro funds, at least in remittance.

You will not be able to find an insurance contract if you are looking for it: the yield on euro funds is reduced like a peg (see Comparing the performance of more than 130 insurance contracts). «Από 5%, il ya 20 ans, il est tombé à 3% il ya 10 ans et il oscille, désormais, autour de 1%, remarque Jérémy Schorr, director commercial courtier Primaliance. Remodeling has been divided into 5 to 20 years. »

To improve the performance of their contracts, the expanders are more or less numbered to be rotated over the immovable supports Available in the form of computing units (UC). Most currents are immovable placement civil societies (SCPIs) eligible for life assurance and, in a measurement, immovable collective placement organisms (OPCI). For example, there are three categories of civil society: real estate civil society (SCI), scaffolding or SC appellants, for civil society. A semantic difference…

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