Nordahl Lelandais, “an invader of innocence”, according to the Advocate General

This is the maximum that is required against Nordahl Lelandais. The high-pitched man is accused of killing and destroying little Maëlys. The perpetrator concludes with perpetual foreclosure, consisting of a picture of 22 years. Entering these applications, assists in the box, accruing coupon.

“You are a good destroyer”

Based on the motives of the attorney general, confirming that the access is of an “extreme danger” and measures the due diligence. “You have eternal success, you are a destroyer of ignorance, a ravage of ignorance, the massacre of a child,” he said at the launch.

The demand is for the exponent, explicitly Fabien Rajon, Maëlys’s mother-in-law. «M. the General Prosecutor, with the tone of which he is, without exception in the form of the fund, requires the right one, the one which stands between the clients, the processes of Maëlys and is the same as the one which follows the French ».

The lawyers of Nordahl Lelandais are, to their credit, plaid. They have already dismantled the image of their client. It is “a man who assembles us, banal, who does not have a tower in series”, is not indicated.

According to his lawyers, the progress progressed during the process. “The commune to comprehend and which work in the prison is as long as possible even if it is not condensed for life”, he said. “30 years, which is what merits, all men must maintain a hope that justice for rest is humane”, concludes a conclusion.

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