Nîmes: frais et kitchen cuisine maison donnent au Questel le label Maître retaurateur

The restaurant Le Questel is one of the best restaurants in Maître. Jimmy Vialle, the director and Pierre Verot, the chef, are in charge of this reconnaissance.

The quest of the place Questel, which opens at the very first name in February 2017. Since April, the semi-establishment has reached the label “maître retaurateur”. A subtitle, officially remixed from this market, created in France in 2007 by the Minister of Commerce and which with the light of restaurateurs engaged in a correspondence start with places issuing delivery and innovation.

Exclusivity Fait maison

This is only delivered by Etat for French restoration. There are also 3 300 restaurants in France to benefit from this distinction that compensates for the cuisine, but also the hall and the service.

Au Questel, chef Pierre Verot a biography in the philosophy “qualité et respect du produit”. The card changes depending on the companies and products are exclusively free. The masonry fault is also due to the conversions.

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