New look and cuisine of Italian inspiration: two friends representing the restaurant Le Haie Tondue in Drubec

Willy Beaurain and Alexis Lebailly repeat the La Haie Tondue restaurant. © Camille RUFFRAY

Nouvelle ère pour le La Haie Tondue restaurant à Drubec (Calvados). L’établissement tenu medallions plus 20 and 20 for Brigitte and Serge Baumgartner vient d’être repris by Alexis Lebailly and Wilfried Beaurain. The two restoration professionals are provided for the first time even as patrons representing the coils of “Cette institution”.

They only exist for their afferent premiere

The tandem of some of its own ingredients for making recipes: one service, the other in the kitchen. Wilfried gave “Willy” a pendant 20 years old on the cities of Franck and Christine Libbrecht, in the Paris area near P’tit Beaumont à Beaumont-en-Auge. Returning to the sources with a new casket coming up after: “I’m all over the Haie Tondue lorsque étais’s at the hotel school”, sour Willy. Alexis Lebailly takes on several establishments, notably as chefs of an Italian restaurant using several of them at P’tit Beaumont, taking advantage of other vicissitudes while mounting his own company.

The two professions are amis avant détre associés : «On a work ensemble by the past, but on it is a family. Willy is my best friend and I know one of my strands “, rappelle Alexis. If their friendship is with the Libbrechdt family, the two clarify: “Christine and Franck Libbrecht do not want to go to the fair, even if they are not the owners or the Investiss”. “I’m sure to visit Haie Tondue one or more of my projects directly. “I’m sure you’re not going to get what Willy’s,” said Alexis Lebailly. «In 40 years, whether staying or Jamaican! And all of you, you’s not the Jamaican aura, ”Willy said.

La Haie Tondue Drubec Restaurant
The establishment has been completely relocated. © Camille RUFFRAY

Italian inspiration and new decoration

Unissant leurs Experiences respectively, Alexis Lebailly and Wilfried Beaurain suggest a “conviviale” kitchen d‘Italian inspiration. «We work with Italian products and quality assurance all under the guise of a Frenchman. The pizzas are also legally available for importers », for presentation. Establishment of été totally renovated to create a “cozy” environment that is considered “like a house”. “In order to share a general cuisine all of it boire a glass with a plate in the living space”, resum-ils. From the corner of the team, the duo reprinted Valérie, “38 years old” by Haie Tondue, and recruited four people.

Restaurant La Haie Tondue, 3 routes from Caen to Drubec, mid-course and dry service, farm in season, Wednesday and season in low season. @lahaietondue on social networks Tel. 02 31 64 85 00.

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