Nadal set a set of victories

White game, 3-0 for Djokovic

Nadal does not offer much resistance to unfavorable service.

And this is a break for Djokovic!

Djokovic defeated me 2-0 in the fourth quarter. An announcement point of a set; The n ° 1 world symbol in all cases revised.

Un point sur le score integrated

6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 0-1 in favor of Nadal over the match ensemble.

Siflets against Djokovic

The spectators did not apply the humorous gesture against the Serb, who knocked the top of the file with the racket after avoiding the first point of the second game (1-0 for Nole in the 4th set).

Une stat ‘de plus ευνοϊκό à Nadal

100% of victories for Nadal when two sets of one face with “Nole”. This is a good start for Espagnol, but it does not signify that the match will take place at the end of this square.

Touring time for spectators

3:02 of the game approximately, inst the instant. All spectators will be left for this square set; On line 9 of the metro, the last departure in the direction of Paris is at 00:34 …

Nadal s’empare du 3rd set! Il mène 2 set à 1!

6-2! This one plus three times that both geniuses are on the central court!

Djokovic got up and scored, 5-2!

The Serbs are easily transported for service and are cut off after breaking through the drainage gates. 5-2, Nadal hard for gaining troiseyme sleeve.


Απόλαυτο on his service game, Nadal cracks Djokovic who throws his short balls. Majorquin outscored a very long lead, 5-1.

Διπλό break de Nadal, who profits Djokovic’s mistakes! 4-1!

Espagnol can count on Serbian direct goals for a double break, and scoring a kick plus this three-way win: 4-1 for Nadal!

Nadal confirmed the break au bout du suspense, 3-1!

Majorquin is not about its service but it sorts out more and more to win this game to keep its course going 3-1.

A new game to play … and a three-way race!

Specialists in running games, the two mastodonts of each soaring in their traverses after all the expeditious games and are moving to their 3rd level.

Djokovic has an ace to throw rec 2-1!

The Serb tends to shock and transport easily his service game to return to 2-1.

Nadal confirmed his son break, 2-0!

Accelerator and Nadal match two games in less than a minute. Majorquin wore all his repertoire, and concluded a super long straight line.


Complicating this is the debut of the triceps for Djokovic. Serbe is one of the most broken by Rafa as its first game service, like all two other handles. Ca fait déjà 1-0 for Nadal.

La stat qui ne joue pas en faveur de Rafa …

Tic, tac … The last three matches of more than 3h between Nadal and Djoko are all three sold by the Serbian victories … Your tempo is in favor of the number 1 world.


The match is totally relevant! Although Rafael Nadal is in service, Novak Djokovic breaks Espagnol to win the second set 6-4. Unset partout!

Djokovic reports without a problem with his service game … 5-4!

Serbian repasse in a game of low-level tempo. Rafael Nadal is in the service of checking the game, in order to continue making this set.


Ο Ραφαέλ Ναδάλ αναφερε τον γιο jeu de service by terme d’un nouveau jeu tres disputé, et recolle à 4-4.

Le marathon se poursuit

What a brazier! In terms of a new game, the number of the world being served and the same for the first time of the match in a set. 4-3, on approche the two hours of the game. Nadal still has a break point.

Debrek Djokovic, 3-3!

Mene 3-0, the Serb beats a three-point game for recoiling at 3-3, on a tentative quintessence and more than a quart of hard time! It remains to be served in this two-way sleeve. The level of the game is completely reserved between the two names.

Un sixième jeu infinite

More than 12 minutes into this sixteen game … and an aerial pass to Nadal, which is 3-2 in this second half.

Nadal is burning oil

Before joining your service game, Espagnol is in discussion with the referee for a gin to oil, can be a mug. The gagne is finally in place.

Djokovic regularly

The Serbian bears are placed in a game without hard drive and are mounted powerfully in this two-way slot. There are two suite games for the first match of the match. The review à 3-2.

Djokovic is sure

The world number one profits from a reciprocating manhole for debreaker. It is now 3-1.

Double break for Nadal!

The world number one has its amortization and is crucified by Nadal which is deformed 3-0, service only!

Nadal confirmed his son’s break

Extraordinary Espagnol service game, whilst transporting, with a few bucks plus the convenience of reversing. I am 2-0 in this second half.

Give it a break for Nadal in this 2nd set! 1-0!

The gallery continues for Djokovic … After avoiding six breaks in a game of more than 13 minutes, the Serbian finally finishes and Nadal of the new one passes before his first game of service. 1-0 for Espagnol in this match à sense unique!

Take a break ball for Nadal …

Le Majorquin is the excellent defense and Djoko à la faute.


Αδιάβλητη ծառայσία sur son, it’s only logical that Rafael Nadal does not attach the first set to an ace. Εντύπσιακό δεβτούτο στο match du Majorquin qui colle un 6-2 dans le premier set au n ° 1 mondial et tenant du titre Novak Djokovic. A choc à sense unique for Espagnol.

When I was 5-1 face à Djoko …

With 5-1 with Djokovic, Nadal achieved six victories and many victories.

A little help for Djoko, who loves his service game, 5-2!

The Serb who symbolizes so much crispy that’s soi russi à gagner his service game after avoiding two Nadal breaks. The sera rasure un peu and recolle à 5-2.

The premiere set set rules, 5-1 for Nadal!

Nadal is in shape and symbol unsurpassed. After very long chimneys, Espagnol is verbatim for deviants and domains of chimneys. 5-1 for Majorquin face à Djoko.


Phenomenon! Η L’Espagnol does not take a second break in this set and definitely takes control of Novak Djokovic’s face. The course takes about 4-1 minutes with a splendid passing to conclude.

30 minutes for only 4 games …

This display will be very, very long, even if the first four of them are still running for a while.

Game for Rafa who conserves his lead, 3-1!

Outside the Nadal suspension is sorted and reloaded so your service is very malicious. 3-1 throw l’Espagnol.

Nadal sauve trois balles de debreak!

Es Espagnol hard on its service is all about Djokovic looking for profit to get back to equality. Tuzur 2-1, with Nadal winning 40A.

White game for Djokovic!

And an ace for Djokovic, who recollects 2-1 after a white game on his service.

2-0 with Rafael Nadal!

L’Espagnol continued en en course and confirms son’s break. Solid on your service game, ojno line by Novak Djokovic.


April 10 minutes later, Rafael Nadal will give the first break of the party in the service of Novak Djokovic. Surprise premiere sur le Court Philippe Chatrier!

Déjà neuf minutes dans ce premier jeu!

We prevent it: this match is risky. At Djoko’s service, Nadal scrolls and switches this exchange into a 40A that lasts.

22 πραξικοπήματα signalés dès ce deuxième point!

The match started hard, with Rafael Nadal visually very jumbled and responding parfaitingly to Novak Djokovic in service. 30-15 for Djoko.

Siflets against Djokovic

Marion Bartoli, advisor to Prime Video, declares “pas mal de sifflets” from the public to l’encontre de Novak Djokovic.

The two monsters are being trained on Court Philippe Chatrier

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are not excited about the central court, in a very favorable environment in Spain.

Nadal went in on the court

Novak Djokovic suit. The debut of the race is imminent.

The final keys before the hour

Opposers in the fourth finale of Roland-Garros ce mardi soir sur le central, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal s’affrontent pour la 59e fois de leur carrière. As Serbia lost the debates (30 wins, 28 defeats), Espagnol went on the field (7-2).

>> To save these final keys before the hour, click ICI

Debut of the race at 21:00

The match and debut at 21h on the Philippe-Chatrier court, according to the Prime Video diffuser, the time of arrival between all the spectators can be a ticket for the night session.

At what time he debuts the match;

Zverev-Alcaraz da peut-être durer, ce n’est donc pas hineμένα que le match pusse démarrer à 20h45, comme prévu en principe.

Welcome and welcome to live

This is without a doubt the quintessence of the quintessence of the quintessence, and all that the world is waiting for in order of sorts: a final quarter of Roland-Garros who sent the powder between Rafael Nadal, 13 titles on the computer and a statue before Roland-Garros, and Novak Djokovic, privately owned by Grand Chelem in Australia and who is very strong.

Throw rappel ce match se déroule in night session, et est donc ορατό στο Prime video. Even the American diffuser will open the match all the way through and only subscribe to it. On you explicitly comment on the match on your TV (if you also want to be on your tablet, computer or phone).

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