Mysterious infantile hepatitis: the origin of maladia in revealing?

Scientifically envisaging a hypothetical novelty explicitly explicit infantile hepatitis cases, in which Covid drains the silencer.

According to the World Health Organization, déjà près de 700 infants auraient was contaminated by the mysterious hepatic infantwhich develops after my d‘αβρίλ.

As the malignant infants are in good health, hepatitis auraditis is provoked almost by one trentaine de fo graffes de foieand déjà 9 dead.

One Austrian lira:
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Mais si jusque-là, l ‘origin of this maladie rest inconnue, scientifically advancing one case qui pourrait bien être la bonne.

What is this case?

Jusqu’ici c’est la piste de l ‘adenovirus which is privately owned, without which it can be verified. More scientific evidence for another hypothesis: one infection au Covid et à l ‘adenovirus.

La “Somme du Covid plus the adenovirus” exacerberai «La force de leur pathological mechanisms explicit Antonio Rivero-Juarezcherry in the sector of infectious diseases.

The role of Covid-19

According to this hypothesis reported by El Mundo, Covid infection has provoked the formation of a viral reservoir in digestive system children. Le Covid y σεράιτ λανθάνον.

But the tank will be reactive to infection by a other viruscomeadenovirus for example.

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In this case, the viral reservoir is “dormant” Covidnew debt tax viral proteins. But this “reactivation” of Covid provoked one immune response of the body, and notation of the foie gras.

This is a repetitive immune activation that spills out to provokeinflammation of the foie graswhich characterizes thehepatitis.

The limits of this hypothesis

This study suggests that all malignant infants are contaminated by Covid Or an uncertain moment. But not all of them have been realized serological test do not determine if the cell is dead or not.

One Austrian lira:
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However, there is no certificate that the virus can be used latent in digestive tube. This solution remains only at the stage of ‘case.

A pound of Aussie:
Covid – Omicron: a new variation on the origin of the mysterious infantile hepatitis, English and pens

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