MotoGP Italy Mugello J3: battles by Darryn Binder return from a long lap, comment Franco Morbidelli and Andrea Dovizioso arrivent ils encore à se justifier chez Yamaha?

That Fabio Quartararo totally dominates his subject matter about Yamaha is a situation that one can comprehend even when we are all over the world title Champion of the World. As far as the Italian Grand Prix is ​​concerned, it is mounted all the way to a permanent position for Pecco Bagnaia in a Ducati guide that all the paddock is tuned for more than about the current M1. But it’s not clear that France’s creams with relief mark collectors consisting of which end in question. Il s’agit, rappelons-le, by Andrea Dovizioso, triple vice-champion of the world of the temples of the splendor of Marc Marquez, and Franco Morbidelli, see the box of the tricolor and the champion Champion of the World Moto2 mille17comme2 -πρωταθλητής du monde 2020 in MotoGP. And on the national territory of Mugello, it’s been in all of them.

The communications are followed and assembled at the Grand Prix level for Franco Morbidelli et Andrea Dovizioso. And as a result many draws from the Hittite manche of the season in Italy, there is no reason why this change. Au Mugello, has passed the stage of the touch fund. They are present in the abysses. Jugez-en: Morbidelliteam of Fabio Quartararoc’est-à-dire official pilot Yamahaat 17è’s plus 20s of the vineyard Bagnaia sur Ducati après 23 περιηγήσεις. Construct the disassembly of Dovitsiozoas it boire the cart jusqu’à the place: 20s out of 22 classes, plus 31s per mother Pecco Bagnaia.

To darken the table, the rappeler said that the two Italians were waiting for the Greek coup Darin Binder, αρχάριος τόπος σκηνοθεσίας du Moto3, team of an antique M1 version 2019 and which the overhauled and passed after avoiding all the purgatory a penalty day of the “long lap”. In more jets, the coupe is plentiful ou Pourtant, Morbidelli et Dovitsiozo arrivent encore ια commentator l’justified: « from the 23rd position it is not easy, but it also tracks the pilots before it can fly. J’étais in 16e position. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you have to enter the group in order to score points. Darryn Binder is my dog ​​all along the course, but his aspiration used to get me to the destination. However, in the assembly, no improvements have been made. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for hair extensions in Barcelona ».

Andrea Dovizioso, Franco Morbidelli, more often than not Yamaha vont supporter ça?

et Andrea Dovizioso, que dit-il; « Je n’étais pas rapide dans les virages. I’m not going to break the rhythm of the first tour, but I can not rest with the two Yamaha cars on the plane. Je suis très déçu, I do not want to test the pen before giving it to other books, which can be used more than once by others. In any case, jamaess of adapter for Yamaha piloting, which is ideally ideal ». When asked to return to the end of the line, Dovi replied that it was not relevant when Franco Morbidelli s ac acroche à son bail sign with Yamaha jusqu’en 2023.

In rappellera que RNF passera sous pavillon Aprilia the prochain, which naturally regulates the case of Dovitsiozo. Shed Morbidelli, ce sera une histoire. Mais même si autrefois chez Hondaactually chez KTM et chez Aprilia, has been identified a leader whose domain is composed of clan of brand, jamais the floor is not flagrant and dispersing. Si Lynn Jarvis If you can fly with two motorcycles, you will find that you can fly at this point with a single pilot passing the policy Honda vue jusqu’à present du tout Mark Brands as a Russian collective. It is terrible.

Darryn Binder, Withu Yamaha RNF MotoGP ™ Team, Gran Premio Michelin® de la República Argentina

Result of the Italian MotoGP Grand Prix in Mugello:

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