Mort d’Olivier Lavorel μενταγιόν the Tourist Trophy: what is this motorcycle course, the most popular in the world?

Français Olivier Lavorel’s death during a side-car course at the Tourist Trophy (TT) organized on Man’s Island on 4 June. This course is considered as one of the most popular in the world.

Olivier Lavorel, 35, is the “single” (the person found in the side-car window) of the Cesar Chanel-led crew, which has been transported to the hospital in a critical condition the accident that did not take place on June 4 during a Tourist Trophy course, indicated by AFP.

Another three days ahead

The side-car is sort of the route on the first tour of the course organized on the celebrity routing circuit of the Isle of Man or the Tourist Trophy is organized since 1907. Olivier Lavorel and César Chanel and participate in the premiere fois.

Olivier Lavorel, the French passer-by of a sidecar, found the dead samedi of the Man’s Island Tourist Trophy. This is the second victim of the 2022 edition of one of the most popular motorcycles

– L’ÉQUIPE (@lequipe) June 5, 2022

Another pilot, 29-year-old Briton Mark Purslow, was also found dead during a hearing.

What consisted of this lesson?

Annulled for two years in the Covid region, the Tourist Trophy is a course that competes on a circuit track on closed roads with a long circulation of 60 km crossing the villages and mountains. It will take several days, this year, it will be available from May 29 to June 10.

Drop concourir sur ce circuit of extreme difficulty, the pilots must be adapted from the 264 virages that make up the courseon which the best are on a medium passing 215 km / h with perforated points of more than 300.

The counter party

With such speed and complexity in the track, the reverse of the medal is a very high mortality rate on the course. Selon l’AFP, plus 260 simultaneous times in 1907.

The Frenchman Julien Toniutti tried to explore ouest France the success of the course, malgré sa dangerosité. “The feeling that your procurement is what he chose is indescribable. In all cases, you feel viviment alive at this moment. I do not have suicidal ideation. It’s not that women who want to return an adrenaline that does not return zero to others in your life ».

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