more autonomy than the Tesla Model 3

After more than two years, Berlin-based electrics have been systematically quasi-systematic Tesla Model 3. Sauf’s more allergic to the American brand’s university as having the definite “anti Apple”, it recognizes high quality routines, such as performance, autonomy, or fluidity in the multimedia system. Expectations of more attraction coming through all of 2021, the Model 3 Standard is available for around € 36,000 including a reduced CO2 bonus. To avoid cavalry only, the United States will take a hard step back in its competition.

Exclusive: the numbers that Tesla cache on the Model 3

A beginner in terms of BMW i4 particles. Presented in 2021 and starting with its own career, Germany has the highest quality routine. One of our mainstays features a flattering presentation, a comfortable compromise / performance beyond Tesla and performance-enhancing performance on the “eDrive40” range. To compete with the Model 3 in the Long Range version – the only one meter in front of the BMW -, it was offered only for compatible autonomies. What the Bavarians do is hard-working, as well as knowing which constructs to pass through our base of independent tests.

One Austrian pound: reference note for the BMW i4 eDrive 40

More autonomy but at least performance

For the first time in a Berlin flight for sporting performance, we also have more than 3 kilometers on board “3”. Large size with 87 kWh battery, 44 km in the villa and 463 km on the route before charging, every few kilometers more than a Model 3 Great Autonomy and its 75 kWh battery. On the other side, the German country has a value of about 350 km, which is also part of the United States. In retaliation, the “3” rests on this pure performance, up to 457 ch delivered by its two engines (one before, one door). In person, BMW contains 340 ch in this version of accessories, which allows you to offer canon reprints. Promoted for around € 59,000 with a bonus (€ 2,000 up to July 1st), these two Berliners are eligible for all of the other measures that the BMW team takes. Car la Model 3 elle, livrée “toutes options”. Συν ère, the German advance all the quality of manufacturing in the United States. Which resonates also with which materials are insonorized. In rematch, the Palo Alto company maintains an advance length with its supercharger network for infinite simplicity.

The autonomous values ​​of the BMW i4 eDrive40 and Tesla Model 3 Great Autonomy

Waist BMW i4 Tesla Model 3
WaistAutonomy BMW i4460 km Tesla Model 3457 km
WaistAutonomous route BMW i4463 km Tesla Model 3426 km
WaistAutonomous automatic route BMW i4350 km Tesla Model 3350 km
WaistConso. moyen ** BMW i418.9 kWh / 100 km Tesla Model 319.8 kWh / 100 km
Waist0 à 100 km / h BMW i45.7 sec Tesla Model 34.6 sec
Waist80 à 120 km / h BMW i43.2 sec Tesla Model 32.3 sec

* measures of autonomy realized by 24 ° for BMW and 20 ° for Tesla.

** the average consumption of electricity deposited by the blocked charger, which is not affixed to the board.

Compare the autonomous values ​​of electrically operated devices not during the normalized measurement cycle. Battery capacity, consumption, autonomy, you all!

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