Monsieur Cuisine Smart: le Lidl robot enfin de return, ne le ratez pas!

Product is incontournable and affordable according to Lidl, Monsieur Cuisine Smart is definitely back in the signaling areas. But he is very much a victim of his success …

The Monsieur Smart Kitchen multifunction robot is back in the Lidl signage stages! Apart from most of the attempt and peururia, this star product, which is placed as small pieces as it is annually, is. Similar to the Thermomix celebrity with at least a few bucks, this robot, ideal for reconnecting bons repas in a flow of time, is the alligator of confirmed and confirmed uses.

Monsieur Cuisine Smart: Lidl unveils its new robot with imbattable price

Catalog In this novelty, Lidl has the Monsieur Smart Cuisine that is available in all Lidl stores from June 6. New from Lidl brand, designed to help clients save money on food and sell quality electronic products (victims of their own success), Monsiecrand’actor 8 mins, and more than 300 recipes are available in each program.

The Wi-Fi function is available in an updated version plus smart, which allows the hacker of the way, cook desserts, prepare smoothies, cook without food and ferment fermenters!

Le Monsieur Cuisine Smart compatibility of 10 fonts, the palette is completed with a palette for family preparation. In addition to cousins ​​for you, the robot is completely net. Presented at a price of 429 euros with a three-year warranty, Monsieur Cuisine Smart benefits from a reduction of 30 euros with the Lidl + application and coaster up to 399 euros after a draw.

The news about Lidl: this coupon of signage plus what is welcome

In addition to this good novelty which ravaged the gastronomic fountain, hard discount announcing the message instead of an exclusive link to the client, to help with inflation. From May, Michel Biero, director Achats and Marketing, launched the “Coupon” operation, which offers a 5% reduction of up to 50 euros in free cash on all Lidl products (Cien for beauty and hygiene, W5 for managerial products, Envia for leitages, Ernesto for maison…) και ανανεώνουν τον κόσμο.

«We’s donations to give this ‘coupon’ à to our clients to improve their food. We also want a global device and easy access devices that make every profit, which products do not even believe in and without article limits. Inflation is 3% and it is no other. Our wardrobes, all brown, the best quality-price ratio in most models. We distribute to 90% of the distributor brands, which the French have a disadvantage in this period », at-il déclaré au Paris.

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