Mima La Fassia: a nouveau restaurant in Hermanville-sur-Mer

The Hermanville-sur-Mer bar chain launches a novelty with the traditional French-Moroccan cuisine restaurant of Mima la Fassia. © Liberté

Mima la Fassia accommodates clients in their restaurant at 370 Grande Rue à Hermanville-sur-Mer (Calvados).

The clients of the marches around Hermanville know how to eat the cuisine of Mima la Fassia which is of the creative quality: »Inspired by the great mother and influenced by France and the Middle East, the sets are original. «

With a large terrace

After the 29th of May, she realized she was going to open a restaurant. After a year of work, the Hermanville bourgeoisie bar has been transformed into a restaurant with French-Moroccan colors: »The clients can open through the large terrace to the open, open doorway. In addition to their table or dessert, they arrange a traditional Moroccan lounge in which to serve tapas or patisseries. «

Avec Cindy and Catherine in the kitchen, Mima la Fassia watch with impatience l'arrivée du nouveau chef renommé au Morocco.
With Cindy and Catherine in the kitchen, Mima la Fassia, à droite, attend with impatience the arrival of the new chef renowned in Morocco. © Liberté

A future chef

The restaurant can accommodate 40 people in the hall and 50 on the terrace at the entrance. Μίμα παρευρεθεί avec impatient son of a chef who wants to rejoin the team: »Το Laghnour Zakaria is the renowned chef in Morocco and j’ai réussi à le convaincre de venir directs the cuisine of my restaurant. »For the instant, the restaurant is open from mardi to samedi, Mima enabling louvrir all the days for most of July and August.

Restaurant Mima la Fassia, 370 Grande Rue à Hermanville-sur-Mer, reservations at 02 31 77 06 78. It is possible to command the boarding places to import at 07 83 59 29 59. Open the small restaurant.

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