Microsoft unveils Edge hardware as well as Chrome hardware from Google

Lorsque Microsoft has decided to reorganize the Edge and create a navigator based on the very proposition that Google, a false news commune to form. All two will dominate this march, with one net preference for the Internet.

Desormais, and in the continuity of developments, Microsoft and the Edge of the new weapons. It tends to have active synchronization and also stays in place permanently.

As the default navigator for Windows, Edge has a unique advantage over navigators. Beaucoup υιοθέτηση this proposal completes part of what is most visible in the Microsoft system and part of which integrates more with Microsoft offer.

The tools which the recipient will be able to encapsulate plus the only one and aim to easily change the users. Presque naturally, the users can change and adopt the Edge

To enforce this arsenal, a novelty has its desperate appearance in the canary version of Edge. It has a synchronization tool that pushes this process further and gives the user a unique freedom.

That one can see in version 104 of this navigator guarantees a Edge’s day against Chrome. As long as the Microsoft navigator is launched, it collects all of Google’s proposition updates.

Most curves are automated and independent of the user process. Any sign that does not receive the currents, without having to launch the synchronization process or select the transferring elements.

It is an important element of Microsoft Vient de Point ses armes sur Google and Chrome. There is no option to add Firefox or any other navigator, such as Chromium, to the synchronization cycle.

Be that as it may seem simple, this is a very interesting and very important choice. Microsoft guarantees that the Edge will use Chrome à with this proposal without any effort, complementing the new navigator ouvrant.

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