Michael Saylor: The most beautiful people in the world are not traders

At CoinMarketCap’s “The Capital” conference, on request à Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy PDG and bitcoin amateur celebrity (BTC), sent a message that MicroStrategy, which has 130,000 BTC in its balance sheet, pris a solid benefit and subsistence per se.

Le futur appartient βοηθ owners

The entrepreneur who declares that he does not pay attention to the value of BTC, which currently has a peak record of 68,800 dollars to 29,000 dollars, currently reduces it to 4 billion BTC dollars as MicroStrategy detects in reserve.

Mr. Saylor clearly points out that 1 BTC is less than a million dollars, which is what is currently most important in the long-term vision of the amount of money. This is not what you think can be done, and the number of bitcoin maximists on this profit bear market to rappeler that bitcoin is one of those cryptocurrencies that at least chute and whose project is the most stable.

Suite question la question, M. Saylor qualified the mentality of merchants of engineering, citing the celebrity history of the Amazon peaks at the beginning of the year 2000. The entrepreneur estimated that it was a stupid device to track the pace at the march, citing a. Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Page have made billions of millions of years to create a brand product and trade.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Quoi qu’il en soit, l’action MicroStrategy a déjà perdu environ 75% of the value of the image of the young and the change aujourd’hui à 221.5 dollars per action. Those with their highest level à $ 129 debut in May, can get 67% off the course of the last two semesters.

The symbol that minority activists have at least as much patience as Saylor lui-même.

Saylor continues bitcoin

Responding to a question from Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson, M. Saylor declaring that as of 2020, the date following the eccentric pandemic, the principal numerical curve having a staggering crossover having a staggering 29%, 29% , up 7%, the S&P 500 29% and the Nasdaq 100 19%.

Accordingly, M. Saylor is convinced that you are capable of supporting volatility and accepting a long-term vision, bitcoin is a safe haven.

Interrogated on the current business strategy, M. Saylor declares that MicroStrategy does not have its BTCs, as opposed to ruminants, but which has a disadvantage even if liquidity is available. In addition, the PDG is added as provided «d’acheter au all time high».

The economic intelligence society has spent $ 3.9 billion to build cryptocurrencies, but it actually has a net worth of $ 240 million. The situation is even worse than the fact that these actions Bitcoin étaient évaluées à 7.8 billion dollars in the new month.

It is important to control bitcoin maximal investors, as these are the ones that comprise and consume the most trades on the long term. Fluctuations are passable and terrifying terrific for some investors, but they also create in their projects and use cryptocurrencies for their long-term use.

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