Mia Λυών, μονομαχία δικαστής between General Courroye and his lawyer Bilger

Diffamation against transmission. Two magistrate magistrates demanding to the south of the Lyon tribunal of the departors, in their absence. Their lawyers were crucified on May 17, May 6μι chamber of the press, presided over by Brigitte Vernay. Philippe Courroye, 63, attorney general at the Paris Appellate Court The southern financial group of the Italian government demands 35,000 euros dedemmagement for moral precaution, and the advocate general advises the court of Paris, as well as the two judicial publications in the daily. In the cause: the passages acerbes de son livre Le Wall of cons (Albin Michel, 2019), title referring to the small gallery of photos, nailed to the walls of the Syndicate of the master.

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In this opening, Philippe Bilger or shooters “A political will to capitalize on justice”. For the Advocate General, Philippe Courroye personally incarnated the submission to the ballot, having been nominated for the post of Nanterre’s procurator, in 2007. Selon M. Bilger, a magistrate, flew in a model-driven aura from his seat puissants. M. Courroye’s repetition of the late course of the Bettencourt trial, by refusing to open judicial information on the alleged political financing operated by the woman’s. But: avoid the curiosity of independent southerners, limit the retaliation against Nicolas Sarkozy – alors president of the Republic -, and manage his career suite.

«Acrimonie profonde»

This imputation of moral corruption, formulated in the book of his collection, Philippe Courroye replicated in his attribute to his turn the part of the definition. “Tout ce que ressasse Philippe Bilger est rigoureusement inexact”, a plaid Mμι Ο Olivier Baratelli, in a rapprochement that the nomination of Philippe Courroye to Nanterre data of the presidency of Jacques Chirac, fall ahead of the quintessence Sarkozy. «You coupon, all of these things, the lawyer’s lawyer, in a rapprochement that the Courroye prosecutor has made 3 345 acts of procedure, 37 preconditions, in his tentative preliminary inquiry. The end-of-flight oucourt ourtouffer the Bettencourt fault, ça fait pschitt. »

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The penalist rappel also after the conquest of the patron’s Alstom’s office, in 2006, with more than one prison term with a source and an amendment, in the form of an instruction for the abuse of social life, directed by lerroye. Ή, the head of the company is named Pierre Bilger, brother of the attorney general. From one bag “Acrimonie Profonde”, à the origin of the book is destined to regulate a personal account. Throw Mμι Baratelli, l’απρόσεχτος auteur coche all the case of diffamation, dont celle de l’animosité. Out of the total, impartonnable, according to the advocate, that the substitute has been in a position lasting more than 17 yearsμι correction chamber of Paris, and also the author of a «Que sais-je? »Sur le droit de la presse.

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