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CAS N ° 1: You (or another person) use more than $ this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit devices and / or navigators at the same time →Disconnect devices and / or navigators that you do not use

CAS N ° 2: You can navigate in private mode →Disconnect systematically before closing the navigator window

CASE N ° 3: You refuse connection cookies in your browser settings (or a way to modify your settings) →Change the reception parameters of your browser cookies

DANCES LES KAS → click on “continue on this device” to solve the problem

If you do not click on “continue on this device”;
You can profit from your account on this device and all your other devices are disconnected. This will give you the reconnection as well as the limit for $ this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit appareils.

Comments can you see the connected devices?
Rendezvous in your space client you can click on “get the equipment”. If you want to avoid it, click on “Continue on this device”, but you will not be able to avoid it.

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