Mbappé déjà pardonné, a great name from Real Madrid for your arms!

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Ο Kylian Mbappé is very close to Real Madrid or any of the other days deciding to extend his contract with PSG and not having to release the Madrid challenge. A statement that provoked a vivacious death at the point that Bondy’s crack is the target of Madrid players’ jokes and insults of supporters, but at the moment of celebrating victory in the Champions League.

Pourtant, la voie d’un συγγνώμη s’ouvre déjà. It’s all about trying to get Guti, a big name from Real Madrid, to be the advisor for the El Chiringuito broadcast. It is estimated that “the bounces should always go to Real Madrid and Mbappé at the party”, the offensive offensive poll tried to change the points of view on this dossier. Note that Mbappé, for example, offered the XXL offer to PSG, not that it’s “for three persons”, which means “an open overlap port” for the living room.

Guti comprising with Mbappé for his choice

From the suite, face to face with other members of the broadcast, Guti essays out ten compressible discourses. “It does not matter who flies to Real Madrid, it is who can and will avoid the pitfalls that Madrid do not have and what their goals are, and crucially: can continue to -based on PSG, part of which is that the club is apart in Qatar, part of which the World Cup reaches … It’s a bit of a chore that also needs to be evaluated, which is a very different definition. »

Before you try the way of a pardon in terms of term … And from a renewed interest of Real Madrid for Kylian Mbappé in every year … «It does not matter if you are sorry or not. At the moment, no, at least in 945 hours oui. And it does not follow the progression which, at 26 years old, is a pearl for importing into the team. »

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Given that Kylian Mbappé’s definition has left a traumatic trail for Real Madrid fans, the chorus symbolizes evolutionary placement … Guti, the grand name of the Madison Madonna in Pus for a pardon à moyene.

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