Massif kitchen at the Grand Tables of Friche

Vérane Frédiani

Jeudi 26, midi à 15h and de 18h à 21h, retrouvez Hugues Mbenda (Libala), Sonia et Raphaël (Pastels World), Juan Pulgarin (El Barrio Marsella), Christophe Caïola (Ko-ishi), Maki Manoukian (photographe et cuisinière), Vérane Frédiani (auteur et Name) (restaurant Mouné) . The creator of spirits Guillaume Ferroni (spirits of Maison Ferroni) sera également de la féte.

Marseille will open over the world. To illustrate this antenna, the Grand Tables of Friche to our guest and diner guests, see May 26, and to discover the kitchens of 8 chefs. These artists are all in the figure in the book of Vérane Frédiani, published June 2021, Marseille cuisine le Monde ” . From Japan to Senegal passing through South America, the Grand Carrioles are now deployed in the place of those who, like echoes, have reconciled these incestuous or insoluble gourmet patriots. «After this, Fabrice Lextrait and Marie-Jo Ordener create the idea of ​​organizing events around the book once and responding to their philosophy of diversity and opening on the world»raconte Vérane Frédiani.

Eté Chargé for the Grand Tables
Anchorage in London for all avant-garde flights to Marseille, France «Levre se porte très bien» and the load of 10,000 vents through which each semen passes. «Je le remets à jour regularertje e nous en sommes à la 4e reépression, cest e livre ku ne vieillit pas», se réjouit l’auteur. If bookstores and concept stores are playing the game by working in advance and participating in the promotion, Vérane Frédiani also wants to visit Marseille: – They are intended to be free and to be suitable for the ease and freedom of cooking. Beaucoup ont acheté Massage cuisine le monde to offer their loins from their city and to circulate in the marseille diaspora of the globe, it assumes free flow ».

Jamaica at the end of the event, the Grand Tables of Friche, organizing the Grand Marché paysan le lundi 4 juillet qui, lui aussi, animera la place de quais avec, entre autres, le plaka de Radio Grenouille (88,8 ) co -produced by Grand Pastis. Theme of this Grand Marché: the sea, in the frame of the French-Portuguese language. The Lendemain, Fabrice Lextrait and Marie-Jo Ordener, the organization of a so-called death on the wall, encircles with the authors presents in the book of Vérane Frédiani, in the installation of the sculpture of the. At the end of the month, the KoussKouss festival remakes the cover and takes on a special color with the theme of paint.

May 26, midnight à 15h and 18h ​​à 21h, place des quais à la Friche Belle de Mai, 41, rue Jobin, Marseille 3rd arr.

Photo by Franck Ribiere

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