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Zapping But! Soccer club ASSE: Verts without recruitment cell, a problem?

Pascal Dupraz is not the ASE trainer. Selon L’Equipe, the 59-year-old coach, said on Monday that Stepanos conductors had confirmed that his contract had not been repaired until June 30 and that he wanted to start another project.
Site interview with Dupraz terminated, these last contacted Laurent Batlles.

If the Trojan coach accepts the challenge, pouring the ball will come with an addition and a physical preparation. The sporty precision precision that the talks will be spent in the daytime with the Bottles and the others being more complicated than expected.

The ASE reservist drive, which guides the Girondins de Bordeaux, continues to train in Ligue 1 and avoids clear visibility of the new Verts project. The club exit process remains suspended, the conditional symbol does not impose.

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After receiving its license from STAC at the end of 2021, Laurent Batlles will be able to return service after the next season. On the bank of the ASSE; Rien is not less than a prime approximate concrete one or two places between the two parties.

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