«Maladie du soda»: what is this pathology that is most common among most people in France?

If you know that it is important for the observer to have a balanced supply, this is certainly not for the river. As soon as it accumulates the excretions, it is possible to develop pathologies that can occur more or less. Parmi celles-ci, la “Maladie du soda”also know the name of “NASH” ου δε “Maladie du foie gras”. Scientifically on parle de hepatic steatosis non-alcoholica problem which concerns more or less persons in France and which is characterized by “An excess of grease in the foil, which is not followed by an elevated consumption of alcohol”.

After a study byInserm and published in the review Gastroenterology, plus 200,000 people at least some form of baking soda in Exagon. Statistically, this maladies competed with more than 50 women, but also women after menopause, as well as other activities related to patients plus young people. The soda maladies are also very frequent, according to the study, for people who suffer from diabetes, obesity and boivent plus a can of cannabis sucrose (soda…) or which weighs more than 10 cigarettes. «A person having a weight surge – rather than diabetes – of diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, or high blood pressure, plus the risks of developing a NASH and having a specific erectile dysfunction»alert to Pr Patrick Marcelinehepatologist at Beaujon Hospital, in the colonies of Journal of Women.

NASH or “soda maladie”: what are the causes?

The cause of this malignancy which may have evolved into cirrhosis or cancer, whether diagnosed or corrected while in charge, relieves the plight of a dramatic combination for the child who is all sedentary and fed. Like the report Maria Francethey are silent aliments trop sucrés et trop gras which can provoke the separation of the soda maladie, which finally ends well. The force of a καταχραστής, a layer of grease can be applied around the former, which is represented in the case of more than 5% of the total mass.

NASH or «soda maladie»: which are the symptoms;

A maldie don not so long as it is attached to the leger, even if it is silenced. It can be seen that certain people who run from NASH do not present any visible symptoms. Ορισμένα σημάδια peuvent tout de meme vous indication that quleque chose ne tourne pas rond, parmi lesquels: a gonfle ventricle, a peacock and yawn, a dementia, a recurring mental confusion…

NASH or “maladie du soda”: comment la soigner?

Aussi, il savoir qu’il n’existe malheureusement aucun treatment for soin this maladie. Each means should not be shortened drastically by modifying its hygienic flow in addition to being sensitized and practicing regular physical activity. If you are presenting risk factors, or what you are concerned about, a diagnostic by a specialist will not affect the response before it is too late. Cela consistera dans un premier temps en a bloody balance, combined with a foie gras.

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