Lusis Avocats, special cabinet for education, announcement of Gaïa Sanchez’s union

Graduation of a Master II in developing human resources and social rights (Université Paris 1, Panthéon Sorbonne), Gaïa Sanchez expects at the Barreau de Paris since 2013as a lawyer specializing in the right to work.

Collaborators on the Lusis cabinet after 8 years, Gaïa Sanchez develops a generalist practice in the form of work: accomplishment of the quotation for the questions of the work of the contract of work, of the Institutions representative of the staff, as well as more than one person, only one person representatives. Its pragmatism, assertiveness and adaptive capacity, recognizing the march, in the context of a privileged interlocutor of enterprises.

Associated forms, then continue to exhibit such problems that the various departments with CSE, having a note of the number of common formations associated with the directions and representations of personnel in the current solution, approx croisée droit and psychology of work.

“In any case, I would like to assemble the ensemble of subjects in a socially practical way, taking into account experimental associations and especially pedagogical ones. Je suis ravie de poursuivre l’ventureva à leurs côtés », η ψυχή Gaïa Sanchez.

The promotion of this associated novelty in the ambition of the push-pull cabinet develops in a permanent logic of valorization of its collaterals by incorporating its clients into their probable, noble curves.

For the associated founders «This nomination is a clear evidence of Gaïa Sanchez representing the dynamism, agility and human dimension of the cabinet. This Association also trades not voluntarily to make great talents internally. »

«The cabinet is based on the conviction that social law, through evolution, requires all kinds of innovative, creative and innovative solutions. Cela n’a jamais été aussi vrai qu’aujourd’hui. Gaïa Sanchez incarnes pleinement ces valers. All of which are then serviced by our clients and transmit to their collaborators, which is one of the most important »operating-ils.

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