Luis Campos wanted to launch a big name, intensified on your own internally?

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This is not a priori a question of the day. Ο Nasser Al-Khelaïfi avit promis of big changes, ils ne devraient plus tarder with novelties for the Parisian driving prochin, but also the sport direction. With a name that’s no longer enough, Luis Campos and his reputation as a talent dancer deviantly dumped into PSG.

A Luis Campos prepares to drop the vif on their dossiers. As Leonardo progresses notably over Pogba’s dossier, the track is not necessarily cooled down with Luis Campos on the cuffs, although other plans and compliments are made on young people like Reimsgo.

Luis Campos sells Navas!

But the Portuguese conductor is also ready to drill in the living room with the current elements. Goal, which hits the point on potential members with no surprise Draxler and Icardi in the visor and the case Idrissa Gueye who is very sensitive, has a strong announcement on the subject of Keylor Navas. Ο Luis Campos aurait in the effect of deciding to place the guard of the costaricain! A particularly surprising revelation in the measurement of the team announced at any of these days only that the Parisian direction has decided to preserve Sergio Ramos and Navas this year. Who draws the first internal discs;

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PSG Market’s stay near Luis Campos is within easy reach. When you hear a fragmentary decipherment in your head … Selon Goal, the Portuguese conductor aurait decodes from place Keylor Navas by announcing while staying these days.

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