Lucid vise le Tesla Model Y with its second model

Lucid Gravity 2023 | Photo: Lucid Motors

  • Lucid Motors sells the presentation l’Air, une grande berline électrique

  • The second model, which will be called Gravity, will be a VUS plus petit that will be launched in two years

  • The manufacturer believes that cars of 3,000 and 4,000 horses will be available in three to four years

Lucid Motors is one of Tesla’s latest offerings for the Model Y and the très dispute des VUS de taille moyenne segment.

The young company launched the Air electric sedan a few months ago and is currently developing its second model.

This next VUS, called Gravity, was already announced, but we now know that it will compete with the Tesla Model Y and the other medium-sized electric multisegments on the market.

According to one of the directors of the constructor, this model will present the same advantages as the Air on its competitors, which means that it could have more interior space, more power and more autonomy. sa categorie.


Lucid Gravity 2023 | Photo: Lucid Motors

It is important to recall that the Lucid Air now holds the record for the largest electric range of a production vehicle and that it was the first (and the only one to this day) to break the bar of 8 range.

This will apparently remain the main selling point of the brand, which means that you have to wait for the Gravity to have more autonomy than any VUS électrique actuel.

Another selling point could also be performance, since the Lucid Air is currently one of the most powerful vehicles on the market, with a maximum power of 1,111 horses in the Dreame Edition model.

The leader also declared that his company was not seeing the end of the war of power that is currently taking place between manufacturers of high-end electric vehicles and he thinks that it will take 30,000 or four years.

Il est peu probable que le Lucid Gravity disposes of une telle puissance when it arrives on the market in around two years, mais cela laisse entender quil sera positionné dans le haut de son segment in termes de puissance.

Lucid Gravity 2023 | Photo: Lucid Motors

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