Lot-et-Garonne: a three-time kitchen diploma for Jonathan

the essential
Having a CAP cuisine in 2020 and a diploma in dessert restoration in 2021, this is a prayer place imported in your luggage a diploma of “vegetarian cuisine”.

Vegetable cuisine, or the art of cooking vegetables and other vegetables, and the chef’s cupboard and numbered cooks compressing it by offering a cookware level, some cookware levels, some cookware levels.
This specialty is augmented by the Lyceum Jacques de Roma à Agen and Jonathan de Oliveira-Girardi to fly in the benefit of a complete computer course.

This is the work of Chef Michel Dussau, at the restaurant «Michel Dussau’s table», which Jonathan took to the final stage of his studies in the last meter of practice to save and acquire the unparalleled experience to save. Rising machines for a passionate cousin who works with the most talented chefs and with a team of professionals whose safety is based on the high quality of the products.

And Michel Dussau’s last word: «Jonathan is a trainee who has the means to measure in what is a real passion. It does not integrate into the team and its adaptive capacity tends to humor the air »
For Jonathan, along with a “professional parent” like Michel Dussau, the venue is promising.

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