Lionel Messi calms Robert Lewandowski

In 2020, Robert Lewandowski is his favorite Golden Ball journalist, he has six titles for Bayern Munich, he is not the name of the Champions League. Upon completion, the issue has been canceled due to restrictions on Covid-19 and the Champions, as well as for these reasons. Victorieux in 2021, Lionel Messi used the ensuite rendu hommage au Polonais, which had the precedents of the preceding one in the previous year. Avant that Lewandowski did not utter his last word, expecting that “Messi’s declaration must be honored, and it must not be followed only by words in the air”.

The suite after this advertisement

Invité sur TyC Sports Lundi, Lionel Messi is back on this exchange with the one from Bayern Munich and it is clear. “Honestly, you do not have a chord with what you want, but you do not have to agree on more than one import. C’est tout, il peut dire ce qu’il veut et ça ne m’interessese pas. Most of the words that I pronounced at the time came from my skin and part that is the sentiment like it. J’ai déjà dit qu’il méritait le Ballon d’Or, parce que l’année preceded, je pensais qu’il avit été le meilleur, mais l’année ù je l’ai gagné, il ne l’était. J’ai simplement dit ça. But what about the forehead like the body ». The message is past …

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