Lidl Fait Gagner an inexplicable selection of products for the kitchen!

Lidl gain unanimity beyond its large client fidelity in a competition for attempting to transport a selection of products for cooking.

Lidl is very small with its client fidelity. As a result, the German distribution business does not offer much to offer a selectable selection of products for cooking. Το MCE TV vous dit tout de A à Z!

Lidl le roi des bons drawings

This is not a secret for the person. Out of nowhere and measured, Lidl is made available to French customers.

Cora, Leclerc, Carrefour. All major names in the field are subject to the attention of the grand franchise of the German franchise.

The reason; This is not the case for offering quality products at a low price. Et ce, dans de numbrex domains. Duration travel through the feeder passing through the feed.

Lidl is on all fronts. For the largest amount of client money. At the surface of the article, the hardener is reduced by others to a point of depth of several articles per joint.

May 7 last, the brand devalues ​​a Grill Meister Price 34.89 euros. «Ερασιτέχνες de #barbecue, is it that the season is officially launched that you? »

«If you have not been in the team completely, rendez-vous on 09/05 in all of our supermarchs. As a result, we offer not all barbecues with center bell towers, adjustable air vents or enclosed wheels adapted for the garden or terrace ».

Voice that Lidl detects on social networks. Every other day, the company also offers to plant your garden with a hyper-tendon axle available at a price of 13 euros.

«Beetroot and ultra-tendency, the olive tree attaches to a Mediterranean square with your terrace or your garden. Retrove the damn in the supermarch ». An off that with the water in the bottle. MCE TV vous en dit plus!

Attempt to transport a selection of products for the kitchen

In addition to trees and other barbecues, Lidl vient all just deveiler a common horsepower competition for attempting to transport a selection of products for cooking.

«In the mood of our kitchen catalog sort, we offer you a contest to try to win a selection of #silvercrest products available from 02/06 in supermarkets« write about the franchise on social networks.

Also, your company proposes to win A vintage blender of a true green color. But also, a bucket and a grill-pain. Outside, Lidl also has 3 disposable extractors.

Enfin, dernier prix et pas des moindres. Il s’agit de 4 Blenders à smoothie. An ideal product at the approach of daytime swings. For participants, more simple. In the end, follow the @Lidlfrance page and comment with the hashtag #Cataloguecuisine.

You must also write the name of the product you are interested in! Lidl exactly as the draw sorted greenhouse on June 2 prochain. In parallel, you do not stay longer than you cross the doigts. Rendez-vous donc la semaine prochaine to savoir si vous avez eu la chant de gagner! Case à suivre…

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