L’Hotel’s Crillon has its own kitchens for two Masterclasses.

The Parisian palace announces the location of two indoor workshops on each of its settlements. The program: cooking course and tasting along the caves.

An atelier under the sign of gastronomy durable.

Every week you have to take a break from the program at the Hotel Crillon – The Rosewood Hotel is about to inaugurate two masterclasses arranged in its culinary savoir-faire.

Surfing at the exponential demand of consumers for high-value experiments, these workshops articulate around the confectionery of a vegetarian plate as well as dessert under the supervision of Chef Exéllathief Dus Chef Matthief Boris. Carrying out small committees in the privately owned frame of Crillon kitchens, these workshops can only be placed outside the axis of endurance tools and de seisonnalité through a conversation face to face with the two chefs.

In the preparation of the preparation workshop, the conveyors pouring in front of a private diner or the plates previously prepared ferron the object of chords mets and vins prepared by Chef Sommelier Xavier Thui. Bonus on the excellence scale, the diner is served at the edge of the hotel cave, a space that concentrates the 2,000 grand crus the most prestigious proposals offered by the 5-star establishment.

Atelier Cuisine Hotel de Crillon.
Le 2 juillet and le 10 September 2022.
10 Place de la Concorde, Paris 8
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