le roi du silence;

May 17, 2022 to 9:38 by Joris Marin / credit photo: Sweet FM

Founded in 2003 by a group of engineers, the Tesla car brand is by far the world leader in the field of electricity. Mais, elle n’est pas la reine de la Communication. Find out with the president of the Tesla France club, which is Calvadosien.

It does not have a term, not only good, which corresponds to the make of cars Tesla, c’est le silence. Le silence au niveau communication. Signature director general is billionaire Elon Musk is not just the genre of publicity, but responds favorably to the interview demands of journalists. A manner of doing what is respected. Silence also, all its vehicles are not electrically bruised. Cyril Touchet peut en témoigner. Ce Calvadosien is the president of the Tesla France club (see in-dessous). Υπεύθυνοςμπορικός in the industry, the company is under the brand. The Tesla roller coaster offers more than just five, professional and personal titles. “I have a lot of trajectories on the driveway. 40,000 kilometers per meter. From the computer, plus 200,000 newborns at Tesla.” The board has an Occasion Model to explore the constructor’s universe. “I’m always looking for questions, noticing relatives in the recharge. By the way, there are superchargers on the side. In just a few minutes, you will be 10 à 80%. And it is normal to be interested when pass on to the electric. In one, it is totally convincing “. It does not offer a new Model S, having to change to a Model 3. Aujourd’hui, it is located in Model Υ. The main vehicle of its focus. The sagit of a Family SUV of more than 400 hp whose autonomy is around 550 km -at circulating on a departmental or national route, at least on authority- available in France from 62 990 euros. The Model 3, the most specialized electric vehicle in France and in the world in 2021, is accessible with 49,990 euros, appetizer bonuses.

Le prix d’achat, pas un brake?
Cyril Touchet in his back cover

A geek with a tablet that is completely controllable

Cyril Touchet admet que sa car n’est pas parfaite. The list of points to review. “If you do not want to recharge your vehicle at the masonry, even if there is a power outage, then you are on a changeover train. At the moment, there are large surfaces that are loaded with loaders plus speed. “The access to the vehicle is also a brake in the measurement or the whole world can not be debited at any time. It also revises the availability of recirculation parts”. Mais le Calvadosien find the car à last time : “It does not detect a defect that makes me look important. It is practical and spacious with a front and rear cover. The materials are also of very good quality.” And after that, Cyril Touchet met with the interpretation of son engin: “It can be driven, a very responsive car. It can be used in dynamic mode. However, it can also be carried in a very fluid manner, calmly over a long journey. Plus there is the absence of vibrations. or enclosing the pilot with several levels.This is currently very fast in Europe, not to the United States., video games and karaoke service. save the possibility of making a long trail electrically ».

Return a thermal car seat;
Cyril Touchet c c duté du coffre avant

The ambassadors of the brand

Cyril Touchet went on to become a member of the Tesla France club, new debut 2020: «The group also creates dynamic dynamics around the brand, reuniting with fans, owners, with sparks on the social networks. vents and the community being fully developed ». Ses Members –they are actually about a millimeter in all places, in full progression in line with the number of immatrications- exhaust beaucoup between them, entering also on the functionalities of the vehicle to be decoupled and measured and retroactively resurfacing, 21 assembled the passage. “It can be used to set up an assembly route and run a network, or to practice an activity, such as an electric card ». An automobile club, as it exists for Dacia, Porsche … As far as Tesla is concerned, its members are more than just ambassadors: “In a Tesla concession, the time on the seat is very short. On which you send links before your vehicle accessible to explore the brand of the brand on the front. The day J, on which you give. Ensuite , c’est merci, au revoir! “ I do not know Cyril Touchet, who does not want to test his Model Y’s people who want to franchise him.

More than just ambassadors of the brand

Tesla to open in April a success at the gates of Caen, à Hérouville-Saint-Clair. The Normandy city. Allows commercial teams and after-sales activities.


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