“Le choix d’Amazon est choquant”, writes Delphine Ernotte

INFORMATION LE FIGARO- The patron saint of France Television met in court against the privatization of large sports events by American platforms.

Lundi, the direction of the Roland-Garros tournament in this tranche. Use the Amazon Prime Video service to determine the antennas of France Televisions, to diffuse the final quarter between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. This configuration does not apply to all Delphine Ernotte, presidents of the public audiovisual group. There is no information, the conductor being explicitly expressed only once by an administration council which consists of representatives of the parliament, the Minister of Budget and of Culture. «This definition of the French Tennis Federation is very profitableat-indiqué. This is a portable coupon for our partnerships, although our participants have been exposing and popularizing their annual tournaments since the French». And then: «is extremely difficult for an American actor like Amazon to enjoy in public service, following a financial event in whole or in part by the public agent. The reverse is totally inconceivable to the United States».

To avoid controversy, as Amazon diffuses a party of Roland-Garros matches by paying, the French Tennis Federation builds and closes. The match of this man soir sera « accessible for free and unrestricted, in France, in Prime Video, mobile and Web applications », Indicated a communication. In reality, if the rebate is diffused free of charge, the non-hosting fee will be subscribed to Amazon Prime Video, indicating your identity as well as your mail. «Free diffusion from Amazon is a concern: it does not generate subscription and data generation. And this is a breach of egalitarianism all that the French do not have access to the high-speed InternetDelphine Ernotte’s the Council of Administration.

For the president of France Televisions, the FFT division also sees a reversal under both projectors. «This event even raises the question of the privatization of the sport to the detriment of those who do not have the means. It is urgent to reserve free access to large events, even for events funded by the public agency», At-elle insisted. Currently, a vignette of sporting events said «of higher importance»Are protected by a fine-grained diffusion to a decree dating back to December 2004. The government is just starting to launch a consultation to modernize this list, as the Tech giants – in the Tech giants race – en matches of the League 1- are on a train of solid implants on the march of the sporting right.

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